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Alone vs. Lonely

When Spirit speaks, it yells sometimes lol. I recently had to provide spiritual counseling to three seperate individuals giving the same advice to all of them despite their different circumstances.

The first was a young girl, unmarried in her twenties who complained to me that while she had a successful job, great health and wonderful social circle of friends and family, she felt lonely as she was single. The other was a married man on his way to getting a divorce and the freedom he always wanted and the last was an older gentleman retired in his sixties, living in a nice condo in FL who was seeking the company of his soulmate.

I told them they were all not ready for a relationship and will hence have to suffice with the loneliness just a bit longer. Why you say? Because loneliness is a state of mind not a state of being as my mother would say. If you cannot enjoy what is right in front of you at any given moment, what makes you think you would enjoy the company of another? As a young girl, I proved that theory correct when i realized you could be surrounded by a gang of people and still feel lonely.

The loneliness speaks to your disconnection from the Divine. Call it what you will: God, the universe, mother earth, great Spirit; all called a thousand names but still one force…has a divine connection to you. When you lose this connection, the feeling manifests itself as a solitary existence and no matter whether you are in a relationship or not, you will not shake that unfathomable feeling of loneliness.

My spiritual coaching sessions with these individuals focused on making them look within for their own happiness and gratification and take pleasure in the unique lives each carved out for themselves. Find joy and refuge in your own existence and when the time is right, the soulmate will come along to walk side by side with you on the path of this life. And believe me when I say, when that time comes and they enter your life, you will be having too much fun to even notice the great answer to your most fervent wish.

A connection to the Divine doesn’t mean or have any religious connotation. It simply means “being”. Waking up in the morning and experiencing the beauty of life as it unfolds throughout the day. Being grateful for what you have and not wonder about what you don’t have. Its about rephrasing and reinterpreting events in your life. Instead of feeling loney in your king size bed, think “oh I have all this space to roll around and not listen to someone snore!”
Its about acceptance. Accepting that at this time you are alone but you wouldn’t be for long. So with that mindset, preoccupy yourself with all those things you wanted to do and projects you wanted to complete but you didn’t have time to. Immerse yourself in life, and in time, with this new attitude and positive outlook, you will attract someone who wants to share this wonderful life with you.
Thank you for reading and have a Namaste!

Alexandra Beepat

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It’s all about energy

You know I get alot of funny looks when I talk about energy and how I am an energy healer. You would think with all the advances we made in this world today, we would come to respect and understand that it is all based on energy.

My clients see me because they have a distortion in their energy field and they want it repaired or worked on. This imbalance if allowed to linger, manifests itself physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually in a person. Maybe you can relate to this. You get a feeling of “blah, blah, blah, oh I don’t know…something just doesn’t feel right.” You ignore it because really, what do you do? And then within a couple of days or weeks, you start to experience “flu-like” symptoms….lethargy, fever, body aches etc…this is a classic sign of a rundown body and it manifested first in the auric field.

As a healer I urge you to take care of yourself energetically. While there are many ways to do this, I personally like to set the intent for the day with spiritual practice. Whether it is prayer, reading your bible, yoga, meditation or anything else, carve some time out every morning and do this practice for your spiritual health.

Thanks for dropping by and have a Namaste!

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