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Spring Cleaning for Mind, Body and Spirit

I love the energy of Spring. It is full of hope and wonder, a fresh energy that makes us want to clean, clean, clean! It is no coincidence that this is the season everyone starts their general house cleaning, washing windows and cleaning carpets and curtains. It is because the energy of Spring is one of movement. Flowers and Animals that were hiding in Winter, now burst out with a renewed sense of life. It is time for moving forward.

Alot of us still carry baggage from past experiences though; and during this time of movement, we should realistically be spending time healing ourselves of old wounds, learning from past mistakes and forgiving ourselves to allow us to move on and learn and grow from it all.

When we don’t do these things, we hold the past pain and grief in our mental, physical and emotional bodies; not yet quite capable of dealing with it but also not ready to let it go. I am here to tell you, its time…to let it go.

At this point, this is where the healers come in. For my clients, during this season I perform more reflexology and Reiki sessions than I do whole year. It is a time of clearing and dealing with issues, allowing the new Spring energy to completely absorb us and take us to new heights.

So take advantage of this forward movement and let the past GO! If you need some help, schedule a session with a healer and clear those things away. There is no room in your future for your past!

In love and light,

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On being a mirror for others

Recently I had the opportunity (or misfortune depending on how you look at it) to become a mirror for someone else. I realized at the time, more often than not, we all become mirrors for each other and yet, we forget this lesson and become deeply involved with the situation at hand.

In my situation, a friend of mine and I were talking about the intricate nature of love relationships when she decided to share on her own personal love life. She was very worked up about a certain trait of the man she loves and I noticed this was an issue she had brought up time and time again to me. Being a friend to her and wanting to help, I gave her what I thought was good advice, reminding her that anything that belittles our inner peace needs to be dealt with swiftly. Almost immediately, my friend who is usually so calm and peaceful, became full of rage and anger directed towards me! She began to belittle me and become very aggressive with her words and actions.

Now there were two ways this situation could have gone: for better or for worse. In the latter situation, my ego could have “puffed” up and a yelling match could have ensued as we both bickered and fought to regain control over the situation. I didn’t see the point in this and even though I was not in the wrong, I decided to take the proverbial knee and bow out gracefully. I choose the better response which was to detach from the situation and look at it from an observer’s point of view. I knew my friend didn’t realistically think of me in the words she used so what was the real issue? Was it really me for making a comment, an observation? Or was it maybe fear on her part that something she held close to her heart was in need of some attention and possible action?

Who knows and it is no one’s place to know but hers. We all have triggers that set us off from past experiences, cultural and social conditioning but we have to remember the light in each and every one of us. At the end of it all, we are all the same and come from the same place; so how about we respect the people in our lives….the good, the bad and the challenging. How about we learn to look at how people trigger us not in terms of their issues but maybe as a reflection of what we are feeling? I think we would all heal collectively if we chose to look at ourselves in difficult situations instead of point blame to others. There is a great saying that mentions to point a finger at someone, means three are pointing back to yourself.

So in ending this blog tonight, I ask you to be honest with yourselves about past situations and arguments you may have had with loved ones. Was it really their behavior that was erroneous, or did you need to look at yourself and how you reacted and maybe take responsibility for your own growth and healing? I guarantee you, if you take responsibility, immense healing will come and in the future….things like this will not be able to affect your inner peace at all. Om Shanti, in love and light


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