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We are what we do not think

Of course the title of this blog is a play on words. We know the popular phrase as, “we are what we think”, but is this really the case? In metaphysical circles, they teach you to observe the mind. If we are to observe the mind, then clearly the mind is not us as we are observing it. We are therefore separate from the mind.

If we are separate from the mind, then who are we? Haven’t we been defined all these years by our thoughts, our words and our deeds? if that isn’t us, then who are we really?

Before you go into an existential panic attack, let me soothe you with these words of comforting wisdom. You are Peace. You are a Spiritual being having a human experience. The mind and body are part of your human experience and here to help you carry out your specific lessons to learn on this journey. Your Higher Self, the more evolved part of you came here on a journey and took this body and mind as its vehicle to carry it around while here.

If you think about it, we can learn a lot from this concept. For me, it was to completely accept my body as my own. I obviously chose this body type so I can’t complain now can I? Its like you going to a car dealership and after haggling and deciding, you pick the car you want. Then you complain once you get home that it wasn’t the right color or make or model you wanted. We have to all remember that we chose everything we have in front of us, including our bodies and our minds. If our bodies and thoughts aren’t to our liking, then maybe we chose it for that reason: to be worked on. Maybe part of your life lesson here is to learn moderation and control in eating foods and sharing thoughts. Or maybe it was a challenge to overcome negative behaviors and develop newer, more positive ones?

Whatever the reasons, the idea is clear and simple. You are not what you think and definitely not what you feel. Things like hurt, anger, jealousy and grief come from the human emotion and therefore are not a part of you. Your Higher Self is pure and peaceful, always watching and observing how your physical self reacts to things.

So if this is the case, we can feel a whole lot better about past thoughts and actions that may have been destructive to ourselves and others. We can learn to forgive ourselves and others more, knowing fully well, that the real us is from a place of goodness and Light. We really and truly are all good people at the core.

In love and light,

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Inspiration in all forms

I love my job. As a healer, I get to meet interesting stories everyday. Yes I said stories and not people. Our life stories carry our energy with it, and depending on how you tell your tale, you can either write your history as a failure or Legendary. Case in point, my client yesterday whom I will call Marie.

Marie is of Japanese descent and came to me because she was stressed out and needed a massage. I knew of Marie before she came because her daughter and husband have seen me before. I knew enough of tapping into her energy from talking with her daughter that Marie came from a hard background where acceptance and unconditional love were minimal. I would remind her daughter during our sessions that her mom has been through a lot in life and has a lot of grief and sadness stored in her.

When Marie got on my table, her energy was “fighting” me. It was as if it didn’t want to relinquish control and her body was stiff and tight from the tension. I laid hands and prayed, asking her Higher Self to understand that I am not here to hurt her but make her feel at ease. I just wanted to share some of the abundant joy and love that fills my heart with her heart. Over the course of the massage, Marie began to relax and by the end she was weeping with relief. Marie’s hands are so crippled by this disabling energy, she would wake in the night from pain and stiffness. Now her hands felt relief, for the first time in months.

After the session we talked about her life and I came to know firsthand her story. She was the daughter of wealthy Japanese-Korean parents and lived a privileged life in Japan. She met an American solider and choose to leave Japan with him for America. Her family disowned her and Marie held on to that grief for over forty years. Her grief intensified with the passing of her father some years ago and with her mother’s debilitating alzheimer’s. She felt¬† like she had let her family down and missed them in her and her child’s life.

I found inspiration in Marie’s story and I reminded her of it. Here was a courageous, beautiful woman who lived her entire life following her heart. How many of us can say we do that? I know personally in my life, I have taken the road travelled most because of convenience and easiness. There have been times I did not do the right thing by my heart but instead chose to honor custom and tradition of my culture/religion/race/country. Have you not done this too?

I had to really pull Marie up from her grief stricken slumber. Instead of focusing on the positive things that came from her decision (an amazingly honorable daughter, beautiful grandchildren, being with her kind and loving soul mate. a life filled with unconditional love and happiness), Marie chose to focus on what she didn’t have. By the end of our session, Marie was able to see the beauty in her life’s story and take pride in all her accomplishments. She is an amazing woman that I will not forget because she is a testament to the power of the Spirit within us.

If we all lived our lives by our heart, how much better would this world be? I can’t help but wish we were all as courageous, kind and sensitive as Marie.

In love and light,

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