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A Place for the Beginner Healer

Yesterday was a magical and momentous day in my career as a healer and spiritual counselor. I really got to see what my work is about and just how much it impacts people.

We had our last class of the Spring semester which was taught by yours truly and I cheekily named it, “A Mystical Evening with Uma”. I seriously did not put a lot of thought into this class because as our Spring semester was winding down, I wanted to end with a fun and insightful class in a carefree manner. A little ready to call it quits in terms of teaching and lesson plans, and with dreams of sandy white beaches and flip flops, I paid no attention to what i advertised for the class. But Spirit did. And Spirit was pleased.

For the first time in the six months of teaching this year, I had a packed class with over 25 students/seekers waiting to hear what I had to say. Wow. Those were my first words in the workshop and I was truly humbled by the outpouring of love and support from everyone.

Being that I really wasn’t prepared for this kind of response, I had to ask Spirit how to exactly conduct this class. The message was clear, “These are the beginner healers ready to step onto their own paths. Clear a path for them through the confusions and fear, and lead them to a higher place of Truth, Love and Courage.”

With Spirit overtaking me, I spoke for two and a half hours, rarely stopping for breath as the messages just flowed effortlessly. There was no fear or panic, just calm; complete calm and peace about what I was to do.

This is the part of my job that I love. Speaking to someone, touching a heart string on an intimate level and seeing that light bulb go off as they understand a little more about their journey and discovering for themselves what they need to do to grow.

In the years spent doing this work, I can truly say I have grown as a healer. Ego, while still ever present, has been subdued and taken a backseat to Spirit. It is my sincere wish to help those new on the path and hold their hand as they navigate through the fear and worry about their choices.

At the end of it all, the basis is clear. We are all here to help each other, be each other’s keeper and lend a helping hand when we can. Who knows, someday I may need that same hand to guide me on my own personal journey as well.

In love and light always,

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