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Mercury Retrograde Upon Us!

A Belated happy Friday the 13th everyone, this year you are going to need some luck dealing with the traditionally popular ‘bad luck’ day. I usually am not affected by this particular date and most times experience good luck on it, but this July 13th brought the entrance of another kind of ancient evil known dearly to those of us in the spiritual circles as the Mercury Retrograde. But chin up! This article is meant to inform you of the effects of the retrograde and also give you some tips on how to make the episode go a lot smoother.

I have come to experience Mercury Retrograde so intimately in my life over the past few years, I actually put the dates on my calendar so I can be aware of its always untimely presence! (fyi-next and last retrograde for 2012 occurs November 6th-26th so write it down!).

This current retrograde runs respectively from July 13th-August 8th 2012 and it is important to you for a number of reasons. It will affect your life, hopefully in small and trivial ways and not as dramatic as it has been in my life and for dear ones around me. If you can understand what is happening at this time, you can better prepare for it (even though preparation is a laugh at this time, you can do little things to make it smoother).

Mercury is the planet of communication and transportation so naturally when it goes retrograde (backwards) then anything it is associated with, will also go awry. Mercury is also not known as an “emotional” planet and usually rules logic and sense, intelligence and truth.

1) Miscommunication in relationships and experiencing the effects of not being able to communicate your thoughts and feelings clearly. People around you may seem to be giving off mixed signals or not fulfilling your desire for proper communication. Quarrels, setbacks and unhappiness will result in love relationships.

2) A time of past relationships and rehashing. Expect your exes to mysteriously appear in your life and cause an uproar in your emotions. Or if they do not show up in physical form or by phone, text, email and FB; expect them in your dreams or thoughts. You may start to wonder about ‘the one that got away’ and compare your current lover to past ones.

3) Problems with your transportation, most notably your car or air travel plans. I have also noticed problems with technology at this time, phones and computers ‘acting’ up. One mercury retrograde, I spent over $1100 repairing my vehicle and my ex-husband had the misfortune of having his car’s front end smashed in by a deer late one night (deer scampered away unharmed). My girlfriend lost the use of her television for practically the entire time of a previous retrograde! Talk about getting back to natural living. 🙂

4) Because Mercury is known as the planet of intelligence and education, when it is going in a backward motion, the non feeling qualities will be held back. This means you might be a bit more emotional than usual, and not use your head wisely in situations where logic and sense will usually prevail. Also because you are not thinking straight, you will be more prone to accidents, falls, spills and a whole load of mistakes and errors.

5) SPECIAl NOTE FOR GEMINIS AND VIRGOS: Your signs are ruled by Mercury so during this retrograde, we can look forward to hearing YOU air your dirty laundry, telling people how you really feel and complaining about the injustices done to you at this very special time. My boyfriend is Virgo so I can’t wait for this lovely event! 🙂

6) If you work in any industry associate with transportation and communication such as sales, writing, publishing, public relations, post offices, fedex, airlines, amtrak, buses, you will be especially vulnerable to the planet’s backward motion. Too bad you can’t take a vacation during the entire month! One of my good friends is a published author and I am thinking and wishing her a smooth ride this month! 😉

As much as this is a time of confusion, mayhem and disorder, there are several things to keep in mind to help make this transition a little more smooth and effortless:

1) Plan for extra time and use extra caution when traveling. Now is the time I would buy that travel insurance when taking a trip or arrive at the airport an hour earlier than I normally would to accommodate for traffic, accidents and delays. Though I don’t usually, now is the time I would also call ahead to check on my flight status before going to the airport for delays or cancellations.

2) Do NOT take things personally if your partner or love interest says something mean to you. If someone breaks up with you or picks a fight, wait it out. It is hard to tell if they are under the influence of this lovely season or if it is the real deal. Remember, people aren’t really thinking clearly and logically during this time.

3) Back up your computers and data and be more vigilant about electronics and their care. If something is to happen, break or fail, it will more than likely happen now during this time.

4) Learn to develop the art of patience. There will be countless delays, missed appointments, postponements and disappointments during this time so learn to roll with the punches. Try laughing it off and developing a good attitude about unscheduled changes.

5) Do not buy cars, plan trips or make solid career or relationship plans at this time. Because your usual logical self is not front and center, you may make decisions now that you will regret later.

6) Meditate, take long walks, breathe and center yourself. I tend to detach  a lot more from social media, television and computers and get back to basics.

7) Relax and enjoy the ride! This is the time that I work less and play more. I do not stress out about work or clients, I do not reach out to friends and family socially and I definitely try not to make any travel plans. It is a time of just being for me, staying in the moment and being grateful for all the things that DO work in my life.

If we can all develop this attitude, not only during a Mercury Retrograde period, we would all be better off for it!

So good luck and keep smiling, you just have another 3 1/2 weeks more to go!

PS-write in and tell me how Mercury Retrograde has gotten the best of you. Let’s laugh it off together! 🙂

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