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Learning to let go and just…..BE

Namaste Beloveds!

How was your fabulous weekend? We recently started a Mercury Retrograde on friday February 22nd and it will last until March 17th. For more information on what happens when the planet Mercury goes retrograde, see my blog post on it.

Basically this is not the time for travel, buying technology or heart to heart communication with your loved ones. Of course, on the very first day of MR, I plan a road trip with my girlfriends to VA Beach for a seminar hosted by the A.R.E (Edgar Cayce’s Institute).

We had an amazing time despite the MR and it just goes to show, that if you put your intent on something, it can come true! My girlfriends and I did alot of energy work prior to our trip to protect our travels, our space and our mini getaway! It worked wonderfully.

SO what is this blog post about? Very simply, signs, signs and more signs to just LET GO and BE yourself. Let me begin…..
This past weekend I attended a conference on “Illuminating Mind, Body and Spirit” with John Van Auken, noted author and director of the Association of Research and Enlightenment in VA Beach. He talked about Edgar Cayce’s, (America’s sleeping prophet) view on achieving enlightenment and how we can prepare our bodies, minds and Spirit for the ascension process.

Like Cayce, I am a channeler, clairvoyant, healer, seer (psychic ability) and medium. Unlike Cayce, I do not advertise these gifts and tend to downplay them in my life. I wanted to attend this workshop because I have been having issues in my life where I felt I was losing my way. I am continuously surrounded by highly gifted people and most of them are very vociferous about the “correct” way of living. Our conversations are largely focused on the best diet, best meditation techniques, best Spiritual path to follow to achieve enlightenment and therefore a growth in our super natural abilities.

Many times, in these conversations I find myself being more quiet and less engaged, because when I do share my beliefs, that we all have a unique path to follow, and that no one’s path is better than others; it is seldom met with loving kindness. A debate of some sort ensues where the other person tries to poke holes in my theory and downplay its validity. At these times, I remain silent and allow the person’s personality to vent, because really and truly, it is not the TRUE being who is doing all the talking, its their ego. Our TRUE selves know each other well and know the truth. There is no difference or separation, we are all one and if we really come from this place, then there is no judgement in how someone is living their life because instead of opinion there is love, instead of making judgements, there is acceptance.

I wanted to see what Cayce felt about this because I admire his work and feel very connected to him in terms of our life experiences. Cayce was an uneducated man with little worldly knowledge yet he was able to expound on many global and medical issues with the insights and experiences of a learned scholar. I am similar in this aspect in that I have not read or learned much in the metaphysical world and have had no proper training, but when I speak or give messages, it comes across as if I had lived and learned this knowledge over a longer period than my age demonstrates.
I also see the similarity in Cayce’s and my attitude about life in that we are again, very simple folk that do not stress rigidity and conformity to any one path or belief system. Do what works for you is my motto.

One of the things I learned about Edgar Cayce was that he was a chain smoker and ate pork chops on a regular basis! This is one of the lessons I picked up this weekend that pertains to this blog. Edgar Cayce has been hailed “America’s Prophet” and has over 100,000 readings in the library that he did in his lifetime. A channeler at that level would have been expected to be some sort of role model to the rest of us, and indeed he is in my book.

He taught me (through John Van Auken) that spirituality and enlightenment has less to do with what we did in our personal lives and more to do with our connection to Source and what we manifest with it. Isn’t that what Jesus said? in Matthew 5:11, it is stated, “What goes into a man’s mouth does not make him unclean, but what comes out of his mouth.”

So many people are consumed with their diet and exercise regimen, their religion or faith, their conservative attitude to sex and personal relationships…..but they should be more concerned with the things they say or think because it may not be filled with as much love and compassion they think it is.

This is the beauty of being a seer. I can, from time to time, hear people’s thoughts. At first it was exciting because I got an inside glimpse into what makes a person “tick” or “light up” and that is always a pleasure to see. It has been less exciting when I realized that many people were saying appropriate things with their mouths but thinking less friendly things in their heads.

So this is the meat of the situation. I have recently been on a tirade on Facebook posting uplifting messages about self empowerment when I realized just how many of my close circle were experiencing this behavior from others. I will say it loud and proud here, our lives are not meant for you to decipher. Concentrate on your own life and if you have holes, fix those there.

If anything, take inspiration from our quirkiness, our eccentricity and at least for me, my constant contradictions because this is a prime example of someone living a spirit guided life. I do nothing of my own will but by thine will, let it be done.
One morning I can wake up vegetarian, and the next I am eating chicken. One morning I am on top of it all and can have an ambitious and active day, the next I am allowed to lay in bed and watch TV.

Think of it less a roller coaster and more a gentle surf on lapping waves. This is life, it is up and down, and if you prevent yourself from living it, then you are missing out on experiences that could benefit you in the long run. And this is just not theory! It has been proven time and time again, that life is a series of ups and downs. If you have a rigidity or disciplined form for dealing with life, you will only bring yourself pain and frustration because it will not work. The best way to live life is to flow…. and flowing requires a relaxed state of being and mind.

So my dear reader how does this translate for you? Well firstly, if you are that person who judges another (and not loudly but in your head!), check yourself. Because in reality, that person’s life is unaffected by your judgements, they still have their peace….where is yours?

If you are the person constantly being judged or told you are erratic or unconventional, then rejoice because you are following your own path unique to you. Make no excuses for who you are, spend less time with those not filled with unconditional love and acceptance for you and move on to a better crowd who loves you the way you are.

It is interesting the travel companions I had with me on this trip to VA Beach. Teya, Diana and Yvonne are in my book, my soul sisters and protectors. I felt such a generous outpouring of love and acceptance, it made me completely relax and feel good again to be me. Thank you girls, I KNOW in your heads you may not have agreed with some things I did or say, but you are enlightened enough to observe without passing judgement. Love you to pieces! 🙂

So dear readers, has this blog helped you any? I do hope so and would love to hear how the life living has been for you. Are you proud of your uniqueness, or do you feel boxed in? Are there people in your life trying to stop or minimize your flow, or do you find people generally leave you alone and accept you as you are? I would love to hear from you!

Until next time, have a Namaste!
in love and light,

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The difference between Religion and Spirituality

When I was about 14, I remember being conflicted about the theory of religion. I was very much a thinker back then (Im more of a be-er now!) and when I got stuck on a concept, I would not budge from it unless resolved.

Around that time, I went to church religiously every sunday with my stern but loving Anglican Godmother Aunty Iris. For those of you not in the know, the Anglican church seperated from the Catholic church in 1534 when the latter did not grant King Henry VIII a divorce from his wife Catherine of Aragon….but I digress. The point of the history is merely to state that the Anglican church had alot of similiarities to the Catholic church especially in terms of solemnity and tradition.

While many teenagers went to church to please their parents and reminisce about their fab saturday night out with friends, I was different. It was a grudging effect to get me to church every sunday (hey I had a fab saturday night out too!) but once there, even at that age, Spirit overtook me and filled my soul with wonder.

I would listen to the Priest give his sermon and my inner guide would point out little holes in stories and have me question the validity of the teachings. I never mentioned to anyone my thoughts or beliefs because really, who wants to be ridiculed for actually listening to a sermon at 14; so I stored them away and forgot about them once I left church for home those hot sundays in the homeland of Guyana.

But this is the thing about Spirit. It never sits still or let you forget, things that need to be brought to the light. While in college, I attempted to do the religious thing again and flew through as many faiths and traditions as I could think of. My best friend Shen would remark, he never knew which God I was following on any given day because I changed so rapidly. One day I was covering for Islam and another day I was completely open with my sexuality for Tantra.

When I joined the Yogic path, I felt this too would be a pit stop on the way to my calling in my TRUE faith, whatever that would be. I had no idea, how much peace and clarity this little path would bring me.

One of the things I learned was that meditation brought you closer to knowing yourself and in this knowing, you would know the Universe. Why? because simply we are all inter connected. Little nodes on the huge spider web of life. If information is out there, it is available for all of us, we just have to tap in and hear the messages.

One day as I was sitting in a peaceful meditation, Spirit spoke to me about religion and spirituality. It was on my mind at that time that I did not have a clear path and follow a disciplined study and i was wondering if I was disappointing God in some way.

Spirit gave me the analogy of the bicycle with training wheels and I have used it ever since in all the classes I teach.
When we are young as children we use training wheels on bicycles to better navigate the road and steer clear of dangers. This too is the role of religion. After a point, you should have a clear understanding of the upcoming obstacles and road and you replace the wheels with a mix of experience, luck and hope. Same too with Spirituality.

When we are born into this world, we have to make our way back to God. I believe religion provides that path in the beginning of the journey. Because God resides within us and is around us, at some point we have to let go of the disciplinary path of Religion and use Spirituality to connect us back to him in a personal way.

Now I met alot of people who claim to be Spiritual and I think they lost the meaning in translation. Being Spiritual does not mean believing in a God or the Universe and leaving it be. I believe that’s Agnosticism. Being Spiritual for me, means having a yearning to get to know God personally and you take steps on that path. You can meditate or pray, fast or have rituals…..but whatever you do, it is a conscientious and regular practice you develop to get closer to the truth.

Don’t judge! many would say if the transition in life is from Religion to Spirituality then it works with age. That may not necessarily be so. I have met some amazing 14 and 15 year olds recently that just blew my mind with their enlightenment and wisdom.

The transition can happen for anyone, regardless of age, it all depends on how much you….want to….let go…..of control. You have to let go of old beliefs and patterns, and learn to live and stand in your Truth.
What may work for you may not work for someone else and you have to be ok with that and allow them to be their own unique self.

I can go on and on with this particular blog, but let’s just sit with this concept. Let me know what you think! I appreciate the love you show,

Until next time, In love and light always,

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