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What an Intuitive Healing Reading is

Namaste dear ones,

I know, I know….it’s been awhile since my last blog but I have a very good reason! I am in the last stages of completing my very first book so that has taken up a lot of time. That along with the classes, workshops and my clients, I have been very busy! Hey you know what they say, when you love what you do…the Universe conspires to make it a reality.

If you have been paying attention to my website, you may have noticed a new addition under the Services tab. Yes, I Uma am now offering intuitive healing readings.

Before I delve into describing what an Intuitive Healing reading is, let me give you the backstory. Every great blog has to have a backstory…ok I made that up but it may be true in a parallel universe where your past is part of your present and your future. 🙂

During my sessions at the studio, I noticed over time, my psychic gifts started to blossom. I would massage someone and then get a clear vision of them eating at a restaurant and when I mention it to them, they said they were just there yesterday. At first it started with little video snippets of them doing regular things….cleaning their house, watching T.V or playing with their kids; but over time, the visions got clearer and more specific. I started to ‘see’ things my clients were struggling with such as communication issues in relationships, financial worries, health problems etc… Along with those visions, came the ‘hearing’ of messages about what they should do or what they needed to concentrate on at that time.
So during the sessions, I started to give messages. It would happen sporadically, I never could answer a specific question if someone asked me; I only saw and heard what appeared spontaneously. I had no control over it.

Fast forward five years and I am there. If you ask me a question and I tap in to the Universal consciousness, I can specifically answer your questions and validate your feelings. While it still happens sporadically, I have learned how to turn on and off the psychic abilities (hey I want a normal life too you know!). Now is the time, I have been prompted by Spirit to step out in faith and give readings.

So what is an Intuitive Healing reading you ask? It is my own brand of reading that I formulated based on my specific skill set.

In an intuitive reading, I connect with your higher self and ask questions pertaining to what you NEED to know to further your development on your spiritual journey. It differs from a psychic reading because I do not tell you things you WANT to know such as love relationships, money or career. Now don’t get me wrong, those things do come up if they are what you need to know about at this point but it is not always a guarantee.

BY the way, if you ask me to read your loved one and tell you what they are thinking, I will not do it. I learned from a good friend and amazing psychic healer Melissa Alvarez that it was unethical to read someone else’s energy without their permission. So sorry, no amount of begging or bribery will get me to change my mind about that!

The healing part of the reading is really cool and from what I have been told, not many people can do it. I have been working with my mentor for years because I have the ability to bilocate. Bilocation simply means I can shift my consciousness from within me to outside of me. So many times I am talking to people and they feel ‘buzzy’ around me or feel tingling and different sensations happening in them just by being in my presence. I am constantly working on people whether in a formal session or not because it is what I contracted to come to the earth school to do. I came here to heal and to awaken my sleeping family to their potential of the great beings they could be.

So what does a typical session feel like? Well I am hoping my clients who have had these sessions, will comment with their own experiences to make this part easier! But if they don’t (camera shy), I have been told that a lot if insight and wisdom is experienced, a lot of validation is given to things they felt or knew before seeing me and they feel different sensations in their physical bodies during our session. Many people feel a slight headache as their third eye awakens, many get chills and feel cold as blockages are released or feel warmth as they feel my bilocated half working on them.

They all feel better than when they came in before.

The neat thing about this service is that you do not have to be in my presence for me to do this work. Most of my clients do come in for a session because they live in the area but I have also had clients call in from other parts of the country for it. You will feel the benefit regardless.

My only pet peeve about this service? PLEASE honor the time! I currently charge $30 for 25 minutes or $60 for 50 minutes. At the beginning of the session, I take time to connect in and level up. I do not start the timer until I receive your first message. When the time ends, I give the client one more question they could ask and then we end but many times, people want to keep going! I have no problems doing that if I have no other clients after them but be aware, you will be charged! 🙂

As healers we have many different energies we work with. They change pertaining to what work is required. I personally have worked with breaking karmic bonds, breaking generational curses, creating space, psychic surgery, past life regressions, accessing akashic records and increasing frequency range. My favorite and go to energy work that I use frequently is the Awakening code. I have the ability (well I am really the vessel, its work being done with your consent) to break the self imposed barrier energy and create an awakening to your higher purpose. I love using that energy because to see the awakening process in person is a honor and a joy.

I am so grateful to my many clients who trust me with their journey and I can’t help but strive to be better, to do better because of them.

So in ending, I welcome the opportunity to work with you on your spiritual journey. If you have had a session with me before, please comment in and share your testimony here! If you haven’t….what are you waiting for? Make that appointment today and let’s get you moving in the right direction!

In love and light,

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