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Honor God, Honor Yourself

0_0_0_0_210_158_csupload_61658144Namaste lovely readers,

Well the busy schedule has picked back up here at lotus studio and I have begun teaching our plethora of classes on yoga, meditation, reiki and mentorship.

After a nice long break over the summer, it is nice to be back in the studio, working with my clients and seeing the happy, smiling faces of my students. I love their energy, their passion and eagerness to learn. I love facilitating their learning because as a mentor, I know this has nothing to do with me. I simply plant the seeds and watch their soul water and grow it into beautiful flowers of revelation.

While teaching is mostly blissful (it really is for me!), there are a few sad moments I come across in meeting these wonderful students. One of those moments happen when I come across a student who is doubtful and uneasy to share their gift with others and the community at large.

I recently met a woman who had the most compassionate heart I have ever seen. She was like a Mother Theresa in human form (we miss you Ma!) and her love and devotion to everyone from her kids to her husband, her family and friends was beyond anything I have ever seen. A very lovely Spirit within her but she was too shy to share her gifts of mediumship, empathy and healing with anyone.

During a reiki healing session I saw a past life of hers where she was a sort of a medicine woman/natural healer in a Native American village a long time ago. I saw her sitting on a log around a fire with other healers in what seem to be a meeting. I noticed she was the only female healer and the men were not nice to her, making fun of her and disbelieving her gifts. I saw a great Goddess standing behind her in all her glory and I could feel the wrath of this Goddess from her and expressing through the female healer. The Goddess chose her because in this particular tribe, the men were superior and have abused women for many centuries. The Goddess wanted to reestablish the power of the Feminine Divine through this healer.
Before I left the vision, I saw clearly the rage and anger at being laughed at, mocked and not taken seriously. I now realized why this woman today had issues of insecurity about her own power and amazing psychic and healing gifts.

The thing is, without reading every single one of you, I know this story can apply to many of us. Those of us with exceptional psychic skills probably had many lifetimes as a healer or seer and these gifts came with us into this lifetime as a natural ability. However, because we most likely were ridiculed, threatened or even killed (burning comes to mind) we tend to shut down our abilities very early in life, untrusting of this world and seeking security.

STOP. I will tell you what I told my client and that is, “Let Go.” That was the past and thankfully we live in a world much more accepting of our gifts and who we are/were.

If you have issues dealing with this, I suggest you send a prayer up to whoever you pray to and ask for help and healing of those past lives to give you confidence in this life to do the work you are meant to do. It can be something as simple as this:
“Heavenly Being (whoever you pray to) I thank you for the wonderful gifts that have been bestowed upon me in this lifetime and previous ones. I ask for help in healing my trauma associated with being who I was and for that healing to go back to the lifetime it started in and come forward to my current lifetime. Give me the strength, inner will and courage to proudly stand in my right as a healer/seer and perform the duties I came here to do as according to my life contract. I thank you so much for your hand in my healing and I pray blessings on myself and everyone everywhere. Amen”

Another thing you can do is to shift your perspective. You were not given the gifts for yourself! How odd would that be? It’s like playing Monopoly by yourself, there is no fun and camaraderie with just one!
While you can use your gifts to intuitively decipher situations and apply healing on yourself, the majority of the reason you were given your gifts is to share with the world. Think of how many people you personally know in your inner circles that can benefit from your help. Now multiply that by 1000 and even more. There is a saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come.” You are meant to help and once you open yourself up to the Universe, those you are meant to help will surprisingly show up. It has happened many times at my studio where I do little to no advertising. And you know what? They all say the same thing, “I just found you….I was looking through several websites and yours just called to me….I don’t usually do this but….”

Synchronicity will play a role in helping you find a mentor to develop your gifts and also bringing you people to share your gifts with once you are developed. This is the way of the Spirit.

If you are interested in small, personal mentorship classes with like minded people, check out my class- Mentorship for the Beginner Intuitive. They are held one sunday a month and run from September-May.

You can also take reiki classes with my Reiki I Class and Attunement
to develop your natural abilities in a personal way.

Or as always, you can request a reading with me to see what Spirit has planned next for you on your path! Intuitive Readings-Ask Questions, Receive Angel guidance!

Until next time, in love and light


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