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Mars Retrograde and what it means for you

0_0_0_0_251_251_csupload_64224133Namaste wonderful light beings,

It has been awhile since I last wrote and I have good cause. I have been hard at work, teaching, learning new classes and creating new techniques! Definitely feeling the creative vibe this month.

Do you know what I am also feeling? The determined effects of being in a Mars Retrograde period. I know! We just came out of a Mercury Retrograde and we have two more to look forward to this year and here we get hit with this one. I didn’t even know Mars had a retrograde period (silly rabbit) so of course I had to do my research and come back to share with you dear reader. Let us begin.

Luckily for us, a Mars retrograde period occurs roughly every two years so it is not as frequent as a Mercury retrograde period (happens annually three times a year).

Before we delve into what the retrograde period brings, let us learn about the planet Mars. Traditionally known as the God of War in Roman times, the planet Mars represents the war like tendencies we have within ourselves. It is the planet of aggression, power, anger, hostility and force.

Besides the anger issues, Mars also brings out our primal desires in terms of sex, passion, desire and drive to meet our basic human needs.

I have noticed in the web research that this retrograde period is similar to a mercurial retrograde period in terms of what to do and not do. The general consensus out there is to avoid starting anything new such as a relationship, job or exercise regimen as they will ultimately fail. The energies of people at this time is lacking and anything new started will not be seen through to the end as somewhere along the line, people will give up on their new projects.

This is also a time of celibacy so people in relationships beware! If your partner is not feeling especially sexual around this time, it could be the retrograde period. Because the planet is back peddling, the drive and need for sexual satisfaction becomes non existent.

For me personally, I feel exhausted and tired all the time during this retrograde. I can sleep my regular eight hours at night but still feel sleepy during the day. I do not have the drive to move forward and start anything new, and I definitely don’t have the drive to work. Recognizing this is a Mars retrograde period has made all the difference in the world. I have started back my meditation habit and chanting mantras in a last ditch effort to break the spell of laziness and lack of energy this retrograde period has brought on. It worked! and hence here I am writing to you dear reader and hopefully motivating you to stay calm during this period. We only have one more month to go! 🙂

So what to do during this Mars Retrograde period? What I have been doing is a lot of mental inventory and reflecting on my goals and aspirations in life. Being that I do not have the physical energy or desire to move forward, I have resorted to thinking more and doing less. Use this time as a time of introspection. I also started my three week detox plan (which I do every spring) and yes the first week has been trying with this retrograde energy but I persist. The benefits have already started to shift my energy and wake me up from the Mars slumber party.

Here is a great mantra to chant as a way to appease this planet of War. Repeat 108 times every day and see if you notice a difference in your drive and energy. If you do, please do let us know! Remember, we are all here helping each other to get ahead!

Namaste and stay safe and calm during this Mars Retrograde,

in love and light,

(Om Ahng-gah-rah-kah-ya Nahm-ah-ha)

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