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Defining the Master

kung fu master

I woke up at 4.14am this morning thinking about this very topic. I wanted to know what really constituted the status of a Master?

I keep hearing this term and you know how Spirit works…when something is brought to your attention, you have to follow it. So like a trustworthy and loyal dog, I follow the scent hoping to gain some clarity and why it is so important to me.

Let me explain a little. In my line of work, i provide healing services to the masses. I am also a teacher, speaker, author and duhh writer. Jack of all trades and Master of none I USE to think until recently. Recently I started noticing people in my career circle using the term “Master Healer” or “Master Teacher” and it startled me.

It startled me because like every other human on this planet, whenever I learn of something I see it through the lens of myself. So here goes the inner self talk, “She is so brave, I would never call myself that.” But why not? A little voice in the back of my head would say. Why can’t you be a master something?

Some actual definitions of a Master by the online dictionary are, “a revered religious leader”, “a person holding an academic degree higher than a bachelor’s but lower than a doctor’s”, ” one having authority over another”,”a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity”.

Ok so the first one is out, everyone knows I am against organized religion. Humanity and compassion is my religion. The second definition actually applies to me as I do hold a Master’s Degree in Health Care Management but that doesn’t really apply to my line of work. I would feel weird calling myself a Master in healing because I have a Masters degree in something. The third definition is out because it actually refers to the days of slavery and yes well, I have no slaves.

Now that last definition, that is something to think about. “A skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity.” That is worth investigating.

Am I skilled? How do I define my skill set? Calling in the online dictionary again (thank God for google), I find out skill means, “the ability to do something well, expertise.”

Using that definition, I think of my work as a healer and realize I have been doing energy work and healing for 8 years now. I have seen many, many clients and also done self healing on myself. I have read numerous books, articles and attended seminars/conferences to enhance my knowledge and understanding. I discuss with peers frequently new ideas and thoughts that come up in this line of work. Dare I say it? I live my work.

But why don’t I feel like a master healer? I have no problem promoting other people as a master healer but to call myself that, I stutter.

This was what was on my mind at 4am in the morning. I woke up thinking about it and thats why I know, the Universe was conspiring to bring me a message. Cheeky imps, they always wait until 3-4am to bring me life changing messages.

As I thought about the terms and definitions of the word Master, I heard very clearly, “He is a Master Healer and you are a Master Teacher.” Peace flooded my soul. This message came from Spirit because peace always accompany it. When messages come from my ego, I feel tense and anxious. No sign of that here.

Yes my professional and personal partner is a healer and he truly is gifted. I have referred to him several times as a Master Healer. Why? Because I have seen him work. He goes into healing like there is nothing else on this planet. When he feels someone is hurting, his compassionate heart cannot hear or do anything else but lay hands and heals. Healing is what he is about and he practices self healing, offering and receiving trades with other healers and work as a healer religiously.

Now I know why I stumbled on calling myself a Master Healer. I love it, I absolutely do. I do good work too, just as good as he does but there is another love in my life and that is teaching. I live for teaching the way he lives for healing. I can’t help teaching. I teach in a formal classroom and unfortunately in my personal life to my love, friends and family. I don’t know how to turn it off.

Everything in this life is a teaching opportunity for myself and others. I am the mystic who reads the signs and can relay back in beautiful terms what I see. I live for seeing the moment a lightbulb goes off for someone. When insight meets understanding and that look crosses someone’s face. That is my high.

As I made this connection and understanding that I am a great healer but I am ultimately a Master Teacher, my phone beeps. It is an incoming email at 4.45am from a subscription I signed up for. Every now and then I get a morning message from the “Universe” with a profound message eerily applicable to whatever  I am facing at that exact time. Today will clearly be no different. The email I received was:

“Did you know that whenever you think a brand new thought, however fleeting, there are switches flicked here? Buttons pressed? Levers thrown? Banners unfurled? Wheels turned? Hats tipped? Winks winked? Angels sent? Connections made? And conga lines formed?  For starters. 

You wouldn’t even believe me if I told you what happens when you visualize. 

Yeah, a-lot-a-lot. 
 The Universe”

A lot A lot. Message received. The brand new thought? That there is a reason and divine timing about changing title to a Master. That I am supported, that this is not ego and that there is a calling for it. What else is required of me? Visualization. Time to put that imagination to work.

So my message to you today is to really think about the messages you are getting in your life. Is this post synchronistic for you? Are you being called to be a Master in something? Do you feel skilled to step out but afraid to do so? Go ahead, take that step, you have my blessing to do so. After all, the Universe calls me a Master Teacher….I think I have some pull. 😉

Until next time, love and light

Uma xoxo

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Opinions Do Not Define My Reality


People surprise me everyday. Just when I think I have an understanding of the human race, someone goes and pulls a stunt to make me question why I am on this planet still. I get it. I think differently and tend to do things differently but still…..we can’t be this self serving.

I think this will be one of my more important blog posts because I am sure….I am CONFIDENT that there are people who suffer because of silliness like this. Luckily for me, I was born without a sensor and will break it down in hopefully a helpful way to help those who cannot help themselves. You know who you are, the meek, the mild and the walked on people of the world.

Today an incident came up that reminded me no matter how far you go, how much lessons you learn, there will still be challenges to overcome. AND if you are not strong in your belief, if you are not confident in your path…someone somewhere can really knock you down.

I have a person in my life that is well, a little difficult for me to handle. I am NOT saying this person is a difficult person. I am saying that interacting with this person is a difficult task for me.

Let’s be real. You are not going to get along with everyone you meet. We are all different personalities and you tend to hang out with the ones similar to you and stay far,far away from the ones that are a complete polar opposite to you. I should have stayed far away because this person and I? complete opposites. Funny thing about after a blow out, you always knew it would come to this. With this person, I knew from the moment I met him that we would have very different views on many things. His behavior and demeanor is different to mine. I always kept my impressions to myself about this person because its just that, MY impressions….not reality, just my opinion. However isn’t it funny the way life works? Soon others would come to me and mention things about this person that I myself felt. I would nod and listen but silently think to myself, isn’t this funny? I think the same thing.

However, I believe in giving everyone a fair chance. I don’t judge, I pay attention. Throughout the years of knowing this person, I have noticed several things that bother me, but I always take the blame on it. “You know he doesn’t know better, he doesn’t know how he comes across, he didn’t mean it, he is really a nice person but just an unsettling presence.” However today, no more.

This person and I had it out in a back and forth email brawl and when I realized the difference of our opinions, lifestyles, beliefs were not going to change, I conceded defeat by choosing to walk away from this person AND wishing them well. I get that some people are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime and I have gotten really good at ending friendships in a casual way without hurting or insulting the other person.

I promised I would still speak highly of them to others because of his career (he is really good at what he does professionally) but this whole experience left a bitter taste in my mouth and I chose to end the friendship part of our interactions and stick with the professional association.

Clearly I was wrong somewhere because this person came back in attack mode. He made me to understand that I was rude and disrespectful, I felt like I did no wrong, I did not or do not apologize for wrong behavior and I had anger issues.

STOP. See its a lucky thing I am me and I know better. I have been in this situation before and thankfully, I learned not to succumb to the pressure of “Well if several people tell you the same thing, maybe they are right.”

No they are not right. That is their view. That is their opinion of me and I have a real, rude awakening for you folks…here it is: Your Opinion Does Not Define My Reality. 

In fact, NO ONE’S opinion of you defines your reality. That is their perception. So let’s think about this. There may be five people right now who think I am rude and disrespectful with an anger issue. If I put this fact in a bubble, it makes me feel insecure. Wow, people really think I am such and such. And 5 people? Oh wow, that’s a lot, so maybe I need to stop and think about this.

Take it out the bubble and remind myself of the fact that I have over 400 Facebook friends, over 1000 real life friends and over 2,000 acquaintances/ work colleagues/ family members and that 5 don’t seem like such a big deal.

I know the Yogis believe that everything and everyone is a mirror. So technically this person calling me rude and disrespectful is really describing himself (which by the way is a correct evaluation of him given the exchange). Does that help? A little. You know what helps more? Realizing that not everyone can handle you. I am not everyone’s cup of tea and if I try to become so, then I have to weaken my strength to become acceptable and dare i say it, “drinkable” for the masses.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be bearable. I didn’t come in this world to dim my shine to make others feel comfortable. I am who I am and I proudly stand by it.

Now this by no means is a green card to do what you want and as you please without regard for other’s safety and care. You have to always be respectful and kind wherever necessary. However if someone crosses your boundary, then absolutely…give them hell.

My boyfriend? Nicest guy in the world but he will tell you plainly, “I give someone three complimentary punches to my face before I retaliate. The first time might be a mistake, the second time you are more sure but by the third time, you are definitely certain this is the path you want to go down in which case, I will respond.”

With this person today, we were going back and forth over email about a dispute we were having. I was firm and to the point about it and this clearly was too much for him. He came back with the insults of calling me rude and disrespectful and that’s when the boundary was crossed. I had not described him or his attributes in any way. The gloves came off.

Needless to say, I have no problem walking away from this problem person because:

1) I have my ethics and integrity as I know the issues I was having with this person has happened before to other people who confided in me about their situations with him.

2) I value myself over all others so his impressions of me meant nothing to me. I did not think of myself as rude or disrespectful and what really matters is what I think of myself, not what him or others think of me.

3) His opinion represents his thoughts of me and the situation at hand. I do not need to surround myself with people who feel I am capable of being unfair or judgmental.

There is a Guyanese saying that my mom frequently uses with me, “Girl your mouth na left in your mother’s belly.” Meaning that I had guts and I was fearless. I was going to speak up no matter what and say what I have to say.

I wish everyone was like this. If they were, can you imagine? No more miscommunication, no hidden or mixed messages or signals, everything would be out in the open! We would know without a shadow of a doubt who was for us and against us. And you know what? We would be ok with it.

So why am I sharing my little ordeal today with you? Because I know this happens to you too. You get into a dispute with someone, they come out swinging and calling you names or falsely making accusations against your character and feel justified because they said it. They said it, it is out in the open so it must be true right? No, its not.

I am asking you to reclaim your power. How do you reclaim it? You reclaim your power by NOT believing everything said or written to you. You know how you spell check your essay? Well double check the content being delivered to you. Check the angle the person is coming from. Is it from a good place or a negative place? Are they trying to help you or bring you down? What is the motive?

This person feels I believe I am always right. My boyfriend could easily clear that up for him. Many times my love and I have discussions where he brings forth information in a loving and caring manner. I think about it, I double check it and then I either disagree or agree with him (more times than not I agree with him cause he is super smart!) and I have no problem admitting my fault or apologizing for something I did. Why? Because these were not attacks on my character, it was delivered with tact and love and it was meant to grow me not harm me.

So the next time this happens to you, run it through your fact checker before you allow someone else’s opinion to define you. Heck even if you agree with them, it still doesn’t define you because guess what? You can change.

This life is beautiful because at every turn we are given a chance to change, to grow, to live and learn. The people in your life should be helping you with these lessons not attacking you or bringing you down. Don’t give them that power….reclaim it and live your life for you. No excuses and no feelings of regret. You can do this, I believe in you and heck… I will say it! If I can do it, you can too.

Love and light and until next time,


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