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Venus Retrograde and what it means for You!

Okay, anybody that’s spent more than ten minutes studying astrology knows Venus represents the inner Female we all have in us, and it also describes our approach to romantic relationships. A little more work, and you’ll get to how her style changes depending on what sign the Lady happens to be occupying. Easy-peasy, yes? What about retrogrades, then?

The usual thumbnail description is that the energies of the planet become reversed, and things go haywire, but that’s a radical oversimplification of the occurrence, based on my 20-plus years of reading charts, and it also doesn’t take into account the fact that Lady Morningstar speaks louder to some of us than others.

Those of us born with Venus in its Rulership signs of Taurus or Libra, its Exalted sign of Pisces, and those born with her Debilitated in Scorpio or Aries all have a more elaborate and complicated a relationship with the Lady, (and in all honesty, I’ll admit to some bias here, I’ve got Venus in Taurus, so I’m a little biased) and so we should pay particular attention to when the Lady’s going Retrograde.

This particular Retrograde period, when the Lady’s looking to us as if she’s back in the mysterious and driven Scorpio, is complicated for everyone, since she’s looking like she’s in her Debility sign, so everyone’s looking around for hidden messages and complicated motives under every rock and fallen piece of detritus, but we’re all missing the completely obvious things right in front of us, or we’re seeing messages and signs where they don’t exist, it’s all just an illusion that we’re prone to falling into right now.

And just to make the whole thing even more fun, Mars is also in Scorpio right now, meaning that the inner Male voice is speaking from the same place, encouraging taking subtle actions, so we’re all putting out the subtext and trying to take in the subtext of others, but the wires are getting seriously crossed, so it’s probably not the best time of year to figure out whether your new love interest is trying to be subtle, and definitely not the right time to make emotion-driven decisions.

Best advice for this period? Try being LESS subtle, and instead of trying to intuit or guess at what messages everyone’s sending out in the field of romance, just go for the blunt approach and flat out ASK what the speaker’s saying, because metaphorically speaking we’re all trying to send out subtle hints and cues, but our ability to INTERPRET what’s being said to us is going seriously astray, and we’re reading too deeply into what we THINK we’re seeing and we’re inclined to operate on that interpretation instead of directly questioning the speaker’s intended message.

Positing Infinity, everything is possible.

Jason Knepper


Resident Astrologer at Lotus Wellness Center

Jason is the resident astrologer at Lotus Wellness Center but he also provides reiki, access bars, tarot readings and sigil drawings. To contact Jason and make an appointment with him, contact us at 703-369-6762.

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