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Guest Blog on Senior Health and Wellbeing by Jason Lewis

How Seniors Can Thrive by Taking Control of Your Health and Well-Being

by Jason Lewis

Who doesn’t want to know the secret to better aging? We all want to feel our best and live well in our senior years. The truth is that there isn’t a single “secret” to aging. Better aging depends on taking charge of your daily life with these simple habits for staying happier and healthier.

Prioritize Home Safety

Living well in your senior years starts with warding off illness and injury. Injuries often happen at home, many times due to falling. None of us want to think that we’re at risk, but it’s always a good idea to make your home safer. You can reduce falling risks by securing rugs, moving electrical cords from busy areas, and being cautious about spills or anywhere you could slip.

Even when you do everything right, injuries can still happen. One way to take precautions is with home safety technology. Devices like medical alert systems are especially good for anyone who has limited mobility because they give you the security of having help at hand. If you’re new to the world of safety technology, check out ConsumersAdvocate for helpful information about the best medical alert systems available. Having this sense of security will improve your everyday quality of life by helping you stay safe while living independently.

Eat for Health and Happiness

Most dietary tips focus on eating right to manage weight and prevent health conditions. This is certainly important, but what you eat affects you in so many more ways. For example, research now shows a correlation between gut health and your mood. If you don’t have digestive problems, you may not think about improving gut health, but what’s going on in your microbiome actually affects your overall wellness. To achieve emotional balance and good physical health, you may want to start eating more fermented foods and possibly consider a daily probiotic.

Besides eating for a positive mental outlook, we also need to eat well for our physical health. Our dietary needs change as we age, so we want to be intentional about getting the right nutrients. Science Daily reports on a research study that focused on the nutrients seniors need to maintain healthy muscles. They found that getting plenty of protein and vitamin D, along with limiting highly acidic foods, helps keep our muscles strong. You don’t need a complete diet overhaul to get these nutrients; instead, take small steps toward eating better.

Exercise for Fun and Fitness

It probably isn’t a surprise to hear that exercise is a key component to healthy living, but you may not know how much physical activity can improve your quality of life. According to Harvard Health Publishing, even basic exercises like walking can increase your mobility and reduce the risk of disability later in life. Maintaining your ability to do everyday tasks, not to mention the fun stuff in life, is one of the ways you can stay independent and remain happy.

Staying active in your senior years does so much more than promote physical health. Exercise gives your brain a boost too, which means it helps fight off memory loss and makes you feel happier. Aerobic exercise, which is anything that gets your heart rate up, is the best way to get this brain boost. Older adults also need strength training to protect muscles and bones.

Stay Social

All of these tips for healthy living can have a positive impact on your life, but if you tend to be lonely, your mental health will still suffer. Make a point of reaching out to friends or connecting with new people through your interests and hobbies.

It may seem scary to step outside of your comfort zone, but when you do and find people to connect with, the result is so rewarding. Make it your goal to try one new thing from this guide each day and see how great you feel! Chances are, you will see that taking charge of your health is the best way to thrive at any stage of life.

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Jason Lewis is passionate about helping seniors stay healthy and injury-free. He created StrongWell to share his tips on senior fitness.

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