Who Cares About Your Homegirl?! The Beauty of Being Your Badass Self — By Lindsey

After I wrote my last piece about my experience connecting with my higher self, I was talking to my girls, and a damn good question came up.  Who cares? If I were someone else reading this, I for sure would be asking, “Why the hell does that even matter? Lindsey, for real, what the actual hell are you even talking about?”

You know what? Excellent question. I don’t know if it’ll help y’all if I explain my thought process, but here we go. Put your helmets on, kids. Tin foil hats also apply here.  Or bananas, apparently.

So, why should we even bother to connect to our higher selves?  Look at it this way: what if you had access to future you with a ton of knowledge and experience to provide you with guidance through your journey? Not only that, but to bring you back to home base and keep you locked within yourself? To help you keep true to yourself as you explore new adventures, people, places, things. Additionally, if you’re an Empath like myself, this means you are literally a sponge, and it is incredibly easy to be influenced by your environment. Coming back to your home base can always help you keep yourself aligned with what is for your best and highest good.

Coming out of a difficult situation, I will tell you that I was super reliant on my friends for support. However, the key there is support. They could not do the work for me; I had to do my own. In the end, as difficult as the decisions I had to make were, I was the only one that could make them, and it took a lot of work to get to the point to where I felt brave enough to make those decisions. Think about it-you may have a situation where you have all of the answers rooted in your being-but until you are ready to acknowledge said answers…they frankly don’t mean dick. This is where the hard work comes in. Here is where you get to be your own hero, and put yourself first. Is it hard? YES. Is it the most liberating feeling in the world? Also yes.

As we continue along our journeys, learn new things, meet new people, the single most connection that needs to be constantly nurtured is the one with ourselves. After all, it is only you that knows your true desires. It is only you that can align yourself with things, experiences, and people that are for your best and highest good. It is only you that can do the hard work that is required to travel along the path that is meant to bring you nothing but the best. You are responsible for yourself, therefore, you should always nurture yourself first. Listen to yourself first.

Love yourself first, because that’s what badasses do.

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