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Preparing for 2018-5 Tips for Welcoming the New Year


It is Sunday December 3rd and I am sitting in a hotel room in Scottsdale, AZ thinking about how crazy it is we are at the end of 2017. What a quick trip through!

I am thankful though. 2017 has been one of the more challenging years for many people (as according to Facebook!) including myself. Alot of public upsets, public and personal deaths, hospital stays and personal tragedies. Goodbye 2017, we are ready to be done!

What I absolutely love about endings, is that there is always a new beginning right around the corner. In this case, the promise of a new year and a chance to start fresh. It’s like wiping the slate clean and saying, “All right Spirit, let’s try this thing called Life again.”

Usually in December, I tend to be in a reflective mood. I recount all the happenings of the year and reread journals to get a sense of where I have been and what I have been through. It is getting closure by celebrating the wins and putting to rest one last time, the losses…because I never intend to take these losses into the New Year with me.

I thought this was a natural process for everyone but quickly discovered, it was not. At our last New Year New You retreat held in January this past year, Rob and I discovered that people rarely take time to journal and reflect on their experiences. Our students were so excited about their journaling experiences because it brought forward so many realizations and put everything they went through into perspective. It took the emotional charge off of their past hurts and pains and allowed them to sit in the silence of gratitude for the experiences. It was indeed eye opening for some.

The great thing about the end of this year is we also have a mercury retrograde period from December 3rd-December 21st. A Mercury retrograde period according to astrology, is a period when planet Mercury goes backwards in movement. Mercury being the resident planet of communication, logical thinking, technology and transportation means that in a retrograde period, you can almost always see signs of delays in travel, technology malfunction and communication issues arise. People with alot of Virgo and Gemini signs in their natal chart tend to be mostly affected as well. As depressing as it may sound, I have actually come to embrace the Mercury Retrograde periods. Because logic is at bay and emotions are in full swing, I tend to take this time to do some serious reflection and meditation. It is the perfect time for insights to be delivered AND received because psychically, we are more in a state of allowance.

As we slowly wind down the end of this year and get ready for the New Year, I encourage you to use the beautiful energy of this Mercury Retrograde to create closure for 2017 and fill hope for 2018. All of life is a process. We are never going, going, going all the time. Sometimes we need space to just Be, just Breathe and just sit awhile. Let this month be that time for you. I mean, all the planets are aligning for you to have this moment of stillness in time, why not take them up on their offer? ūüėČ

Here are some ideas on how to properly use this energy to set yourself up energetically to be ready for 2018:


  1. Journal and Reflect on 2017. 

As quickly as 2017 came and went, it still happened and for most of us, there were some pivotal moments in time that took our breath away….for good or for bad reasons. Have you processed all of them completely? In my two day¬†New Year New You Workshop, I coined Saturday as “Out with the Old” and Sunday as “In with the New”. On Saturday I take participants through this journaling exercise using a workbook where they answer questions about the year and it asks them to dig deep into understanding what all of it meant. You can do this at home too and create your own workbook according to your desire. It can be as simple as three questions:

  • What were my challenges this year?
  • What were my wins/accomplishments?
  • What did I learn?

The idea here is the have some sort of summary report on 2017 so going forward, when you look back, you can sum it up in one sentence. I saw a post on Instagram by a friend where she described her annual summaries as, “2016 I was the caterpillar, 2017 I was the cocoon and 2018 I will be the butterfly.”

Having an idea of each year gives meaning to your life and tells a story as you go along. You can see the intricacies of how all the painful and joyous moments worked together to create the fabric of your life story. For me, it is empowering. It gives life to the those joyous moments which sparkle like gold glitter in the air and it brings humbleness and gratitude for the painful moments that made me stronger. Everything has a purpose, and in journaling we find out what they are.

2. Declutter the Home 

In journaling and reflecting on 2017, you are in a way, energetically clearing up space in your mind, heart and body about events past. Why not physically clear out your physical surroundings as well?

There is an energetic link between our home where we live and our home in our minds. When we feel good at our physical abode, our energetic abode feels good too. Simply put, a clean home makes you feel relaxed mentally and emotionally.

Now is a good time to go through those drawers and throw out things you do not use or have not used in forever. Go through your filing cabinet and shred old documents you no longer need. I remember in cleaning out my office space in 2016, I found old test results from massage school in 2008! I assure you, I have no plans to retake the tests, so out it went with the trash!

Go through your closets and donate clothing and jackets in good condition to homeless shelters or organizations that can use them. This doesn’t have to be a solo event, make it fun for the whole family and treat everyone to a nice dinner after dropping off your items to a donation spot. OR get a jump start on your spring garage sales by rounding up and collecting all sellable items and storing it away in the basement or garage until Spring rolls around. Just remember to bring them out next year and sell or donate them then!

3. Financial Planning 

Most of us do not include any financial planning in our lives, living simply paycheck to paycheck. If this has been your agenda in the past, do not bring it into the future with you. Financial planning can take on many forms, from hiring a professional financial planner, to discussing ideas with your accountant to a much simpler plan like the ideas listed here:

  • Pay off Debts: Some debts you cannot pay off within three weeks (mortgages, school loans etc..) however some you can! If you owe loved ones money, pay them back. If you can pay off one of those three credit cards, then do so. The idea here, is that by paying off what you can, you energetically lift some of that heavy energy from you and you will feel it almost immediately. This is the energy you want to bring into 2018 with you, even if you can only do it for one person or one bill, it still makes an impact.
  • Set up a Savings plan: If you are not currently saving, start today. Life happens and it is nice to have money put aside for those unexpected issues that come up. Start small by putting away $25/week. If you consistently did that for each week in 2018, you can create a savings account at the end of the year with $1200 in it! The trick is not to spend that $1200 but allow it to sit there and then increase your amount in 2019 to $30/week so you can add another $1440 to your account. If you don’t spend any of it, you can have $2640 within two years!
  • Create more Income: If you are financially stable and happy then this step is not for you. However for most of us, we can do with some extra money so think ahead to 2018 about carving out some extra work. Take on a part time job, take a hobby you are really good at and create a work from home opportunity or look around your home and sell off items you no longer need or use but are in good shape. We have opportunities all around us to create more income, it just takes some time and effort to put them into practice to generate that income we can use.

4. Make Amends

As we go through life, we have disagreements and upsets with people in our community. Whether it is our inner circle or acquaintances, there are bound to be times of disruption and unrest. Let it go.

As you move into 2018, allow yourself to let go of the drama and heartache you went through this year with these people. If they really mean something to you, then reach out to them and apologize. Even if you don’t think you were in the wrong, apologize anyways. There is a great saying, “It is better to be kind than to be right.” When you apologize and make amends, what you are essentially saying to that person is, “I don’t care if I am wrong and you are right. I just care about having you in my life. Can we make up now? I miss you and want you in my life.”

Of course you cannot dictate how the other person will respond, but trust me when I say, it wouldn’t matter. At the core of your being, you are Love. And in extending an olive branch, you are acting out of Love. If they chose not to accept it, you will still feel relief because you know in your heart, you made the decision to reach out and there is nothing else you can do after that. You will feel lighter despite the outcome and that in of itself, is worth the exercise.

Now there are some relationships where the pain is still too great to bear. Maybe you are in the middle of a divorce and your partner is attacking you. Maybe you still work with your boss who is aggressive in interactions towards you and you are not in a position to leave. You might ask then, what do I do? These people are not interested in making amends or being peaceful. In situations where you feel the person will not be receptive or you are not in an emotional place to do such a thing, then let go energetically.

A simple technique is to light a candle and write your letter to that person saying everything you have ever wanted to say including the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Once you get it ALL out on paper, burn it and make the intention to God/Source/Universe or whoever it may be, that you are letting go of this situation and this person energetically and in the new year, you intend to see them with fresh eyes and hope they do the same for you. It really is like magic! When I have suggested these techniques to my clients in coaching sessions, they have reported back with some amazing results where the other person stopped attacking them and for one person, her boss got transferred to another department! Wishes DO come true!

5. Set your Intentions for the New Year 

A home cannot be built without a foundation. Many times in the Spiritual community, I hear students say something like “Spirit is directing me and I have no plan, I go where Spirit is taking me.” That is a great concept but even Spirit needs a map to your future!

If you are not as uptight as my Capricorn self and do not want to create bullet points and quarterly assessments about your new years resolutions (true story), then do a vision board. Cut out pictures that represent what you want for your life. If you want a new home, new car or to be in a love relationship, put pictures on your board that represent those ideals. A Vision Board is a fun way to set your Intent for the New Year and gives Spirit an idea of where you are heading and what you want to create.

I hope you found these tips useful and if so, please feel free to share with your loved ones or leave a comment! It is my sincere hope that everyone brings a peaceful end to 2017 and enter 2018 full of desires, well wishes and manifesting ability. I believe we all are truly meant to have it all, and with a little vision and planning, we can.

xo Uma

healer, psychic, spirit communciator

Owner of Lotus Wellness Center

Uma Alexandra Beepat is the owner of a metaphysical center in Manassas, VA where she teaches classes in Spiritual Development and offers services in energy healing, life coaching and intuitive readings. For more information, visit

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Top 5 New Year Resolutions You Can Make


It is 9.30pm on January 1st as I write this and I am well aware it is a little improper for me to be wishing you a happy new year but nevertheless I do.

I love the energy of a new year’s day. It is so full of hope and wishes, new intentions and resolve for us to be bigger, better, brighter than we were the year before.

Yes most times we break those new year resolutions but for the most part, we are an optimistic species because new year resolutions are still a “thing” despite many seeing it as a fad, it has withheld the test of time.

There are a couple of things I do at the end of one year and the beginning of the next and you know, I never change it or question it because every year has been a good year, with lots of growth and understanding so in my mind, why fix it when it’s not broken?

Let’s see, the week leading up to New Year’s day, I tend to keep the house in order and clean up or throw out things no longer of use. The day of New Year’s Eve, I make sure all the laundry is done and the trash is taken out. This is telling of my Guyanese background as it was considered tradition to enter the new year with a clean home.

Another cultural observation of New Year’s Day is to make black eye peas and leave it on the stove. Most of my family and friends make cook up rice which include black eye peas in the recipe but I prefer to just cook up some black eye peas on the stove and leave it out. The understanding is that black eye peas invite prosperity and abundance to your home, so you should meet the new year with some on your stove. Hey! This is the stuff old wives tales are made of, so somewhere along the line, it must have worked and hence carried forward generation after generation!

Another New Year’s tradition for me is to make a vision board. I LOVE doing this because I always go into it with my expectations of what I want and by the time I am done, Spirit has another plan for me. I love my board for 2016 because it involves a lot more introspection, meditation and introverted behavior, which is my nature (I know, I know I can be the life of the party but deep down, I really am an introvert). I also inspired Rob to do one of his own and he is excited to see what Spirit has in store for him (big hint-we match up perfectly in love and in life).

I have also completed my annual reading where I pull 14 cards to tell the energy and events of each month (if you would like me to do yours, click here for more info). It is such an affirmation when your reading lines up with your vision board which lines up with your energy. It is all coming together and I am excited to see it play out this year!

Finally I make a resolutions list. Yes I do! I know many people are against making new year resolutions but I will leave them with this thought. How do you approach a project? Do you go into it letting the chips fall where they may or do you have an outline or plan of action? Of course having a plan makes you accomplish that project quickly and with the best results. If you have a plan to become a millionaire in this lifetime, will you wait to win the lottery or will you go about saving a little each year and investing your money to make it happen? I rest my case.

If you have goals and dreams to accomplish, don’t wait! Start on them now and make your resolutions to either accomplish them this year or at least make some headway. For example, I plan to publish my second book, “Love Redefined” and it has twelve chapters. I plan to write a chapter a month and finish it by December to promote and publish next year. Challenge accepted.

I will admit I do not accomplish all my goals (I am Capricorn-a high achiever if you ever knew one!) but I do get a lot of satisfaction with the ones I do accomplish because it shows me, physical proof that I did something with my life and the year was not wasted. How many times have you heard people say the time flew by and they don’t know what they did with their year? Not me! I can tell you with a straight face I have accomplished a 10 day fast with no foods, global volunteered in Brazil, read 12 books and grew my business exponentially in 2015. I lived!

So if you are serious about your goals and want to start with new year resolutions good for you! You are on the right track and I can help with some tips by giving you the top 5 resolutions everyone should make every year. Last year in 2015 I completed 14 out of 17 goals, yah me! This year I upped the ante by making 30 resolutions. Ooohhh, I can’t wait to make them happen! Of those 30, there are 5 that are repeated every year and this should be part of your resolutions as well:

1) New Year’s Resolution #1- Address a Fear¬†

Every year I address one of my fears (yes I am admitting I am human and have fears) by including it as one of my resolutions. Last year in 2015 I had not so much a fear but uncertainty that I can go long periods of time without food. So I took part in the Master Cleanse fast which meant 10 days of no food and only drinking a lemonade mixture to keep you going. It was brutal but it was worth it because the empowering feeling I had after was amazing.

When you set out to conquer a fear and you do it, you feel unstoppable and confident that you can tackle anything. You don’t have to go in with a large resolution like mine, start small. List your fears or uncertainties and pick one that you can do but just avoid doing because it makes you feel uncomfortable. Start with say a bikini wax or sky diving if you want! Whatever it is, large or small, it will give you a sense of empowerment and that will trickle into every part of your life.

2) New Year’s Resolution #2-Increase your Savings Account¬†

If you haven’t already created a savings account, now is the time to. If you don’t believe in the banking system, then buy a safe and save at home. Bottom line, we all need to have a stash put aside for a rainy day. You don’t know what life can bring so saving money for that rainy day will bring you peace of mind now and when it happens.

The goal is to have six month’s worth of finances safely tucked away so if you are unable to work, you can pay your bills and continue living for the next six months while you figure out what you need to do. You don’t have to push yourself and stress yourself out, move at your pace! If you need to have $12,000 in savings ($2,000/month) give yourself three years to accomplish that goal. This way if you have a new year’s resolution to save $4,000 this year it works out to putting aside $300 a month. Of course you can try to accomplish it in one year, but remember resolutions are not meant to stress you out, it is meant to keep you on track with your goals and hold you accountable. Take as long as you need to reach it.

3) New Year’s Resolution #3- Do Something Healthy¬†

Let’s not expect miracles here! As much as I would love to lose 50 pounds, the most I am realistically expecting to take off this year and keep off is 10. The understanding is that you want to live healthy so as you age and get older, you can live fitfully and easily in your body with minimum aches, pains and medical conditions.

Weight loss as Oprah has identified is a tricky event and is less about physical action than it is about mental attitude. If you can see your weight loss journey as a pyramid, it will stand tall and looming over you….and you know what? It should. It has taken you a lot of years to put this weight on, it will not disappear overnight. Instead of focusing on the weight, focus on increasing healthy behavior. Try to incorporate more wellness activities into your life such as walking, yoga or dance. Try to tackle the unhealthy food habits and love of junk food and bit by bit, when you do these things, you start to chip away at that pyramid from the base. Eventually over time it will crumble and you will be free from the dieting yo-yo regimen that has been your life.

My goals this year include restarting my yoga routine and choosing healthier snacks. I am no longer going to eliminate snacking from my diet but make better choices. Instead of reaching for a piece of cake, I will have a yogurt and granola mix instead. If I can keep choosing healthier, it nourished my body and helps me keep the weight off as well.

4) New Year’s Resolutions #4-Include the Family¬†

If you have kids or pets, it is important you also include a resolution to do something for them that they cannot do for themselves. Being the owner of a wellness center, I teach and provide services of a metaphysical nature. As a result, my children grew up practicing yoga in their bedrooms, meditation and other things. This year I plan to complete both of their Reiki trainings (Nathan is level II and Joshua is level I) and increase their daily meditation times.

When you put emphasis on someone else and make it part of your resolutions list, it will come about because it is part of the plan. Listen, we are all good parents and we all try our best to do right by our kids (and pets!) but sometimes we fall short. We fall short because we are tired, busy or have other things to do. Its ok! It happens to all of us, including the super moms and super dads out there. By putting your loved ones on the resolutions list, you are committing to spending quality time with them and not overlooking them. You will feel great about it as they will too.

5) New Year’s Resolutions #5-Grow Yourself¬†

And finally one of the resolutions you must make every year is a commitment to you. We are all students of life and if we do not keep learning, we will stop growing. Stop growing in spirit, in mind and in evolution. Every year I sign up for continuing education classes for my massage therapy license and other licenses I need CEUS for but I also enroll in personal enrichment courses or read books to grow myself as well.

Spiritual enrichment doesn’t need to be about studying alone either. You can take up a new hobby, learn a new dance or recipe or do something you normally won’t do. The idea is to grow your knowledge base and allow expansion in. The more you learn, the more you grow and you become a more open minded person. As we know especially now, the world needs more of that, open minded people.

So in closing dear reader, my wish for you is simple. Live 2016 the best way you can and don’t look back. Make this year fabulous and live it large! I have faith you will do it better than years past and will have much to show for it at the end of the year.

Until next time,

Love and light,


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The Higher I go….The Easier Life Becomes


Namaste all,

It’s been awhile since I have been on here and I do apologize! We have been so busy at the center and now with the addition of all our wonderful healers, we have been blessed to have many different blog posts not just my usual rambling.

But of course I have stuff to talk about, so I shall ramble on.

The title of this Blog Post, “The Higher I go‚ĶThe Easier Life Becomes” is actually one of the many mantras Rob gave me. Rob is a Master Healer at Lotus Wellness Center and when I was taking private instruction from him in his #fiveweekchallenge¬†he found blocks to my intended awesomeness and came up with some neat mantras I repeat to myself on a daily basis. This one I struggled with until today.

The funny thing about the Universe is that it brings to you exactly what you want. This is why it is so important for your heart and your mind to be in alignment. You can say with your lips mantras and affirmations but if your heart believes another story, you send that out to the Universe. I believe strongly that while your mind has a link to the Universe, your heart is the gateway to making your intentions come true.

So here I am, little ole’ me sitting daily and saying my mantras: I have unique talents and abilities, I am a Master in manifesting abundance, I dream¬†huge and I know I can achieve my dreams, The Higher I go- The Easier Life becomes‚Ķand I struggle every time¬†with the last one.¬†

Why?¬†Because deep in my heart that has not been my belief for a very long time. If we go back‚Ķway back‚Ķ..way, way back‚Ķ.my earliest memory of limitations would come from my mom. She would tell people, “Alex has to work hard for everything she has but for her brothers it came easier for them.” Now wait a minute! Before you get all loyal to me and start bashing my momma, it’s all good. She didn’t mean it in a put down way, that was her belief system and that was based on the fact that everyday she saw me studying for hours and hours and my brothers playing and hanging out. We all got good grades so she assumed I had to work hard and they didn’t.

The thing is, I¬†believed¬† her when she repeated it over and over to people so I started to embody it. When I was studying hard in the beginning, it was because of a love of learning (and you can clearly see that love hasn’t left because of all the trainings and reading I still do!) but then it became a necessity because I started to¬†believe¬†I needed to work hard because things didn’t come as easily to me.

Can you identify? Stop reading! Take a moment and think for a minute, has anyone ever said anything about you or to you that you have started to accept? Maybe they said you were average looking, or couldn’t go anywhere in life or couldn’t amount to anything. Did you start to believe that? Now you see my story.

As with everything, I don’t think people are bad in nature or meant to be harmful. I think there is a lot of talking going on and it is always mindless. If you are intuitive, you pick up and embody what they say especially if they are close to you because you don’t doubt their judgments about you. Why would they lie?

It’s not lying but more mindless chatter. We need to pay attention to it and cancel it out before it can take up residence in your mind. I have a thing I do now when I hear something that is not in alignment with my soul, I say “Cancel/Delete!” and sometimes I shock people out of their socks because I am known to be loud when I say it. I say this statement for big things like “You will never make it big.” to little things like, “You are cranky today” ¬†Cancel/Delete!¬†Because I may be cranky now before my morning coffee but it doesn’t set the tone for the rest of the day and you my friend shall not do it for me!

So back to my original post. I have spent the last 30 years embodying the principle that:

1) I have to work hard for everything I have

2) The more I make and become successful, the harder life becomes

And Rob picked up on both of those old belief systems hence why he gave me my specific affirmations. In reality, we make our lives and we can choose whether it will be easy or hard. I know some of you are struggling right now and wondering, “Is Uma crazy? Why would I choose this for myself?” And my answer to you, is I don’t know‚Ķ.why would you?

I have seen it and witnessed it with my own eyes how I self sabotage myself when the going gets good. I recently started reading this book under Micha’s recommendation, its called The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. To hit on one point (there are many that are amazing, you got to read it!) he said that every time we excel at something, we create a negative situation to anchor us and bring us back down from that high. Oh boy, did he just call me out or what?!

See this whole year has been magical, I have beautiful success and awesomeness at my studio , got in a great and loving relationship and have been just having fun and enjoying life to the fullest. So of course I had to throw some drama in there! This year also came with some cat fights, loss of friends and even a couple of tiffs with my boyfriend. What am I doing?

I’m doing what we all do, starting something because the belief still lies in me that I can’t have good things happen to me. I don’t deserve it.

The Higher I go, The Easier Life Becomes.  I started meditating on this fact today because today is the day I change my belief system and really start to agree with this affirmation. The beautiful thing about self discovery is that is all you need to affect change in a positive direction for yourself.

Many times when I help a client integrate a new belief system or address an old one, the insights are powerful and huge. I love seeing the look of wonder and amazement on their face and then they ask me, “Ok what else do I need to do? How do I make the change?” Really, there is nothing else to do. Once you have understood why you do what you do, that knowledge alone is powerful enough to create change. We are adaptable and evolving light beings and we are always striving to be better and become lighter in our consciousness. When we receive insights into our behaviors, the changes happen and take us to new levels of understanding that in turn become new levels of being and behaving.

So in closing, I shared this with you to let you know that yes, life is easy and the more you achieve, the more easier it becomes. If you are like me and grew up with the knowledge that life is hard and you have to work hard to get what you have, banish it! Take it out of your mind and to the corners of the earth because we are truly living in a new time and space. We are in the dimension of manifesting the lives we want and it is an easy process.

Don’t believe me? Then stay tuned! Watch how I end this year in a fantastic style with much more abundance and happiness than I have had all year, heck all my life. The tide has turned for me and I can truly say to you,¬†The higher I go, the easier life becomes.¬†Wouldn’t you join me in making the rest of your life the best of your life? ūüėČ

Until later, love and light

Uma xo

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Why The Law of Attraction might not be working for you…



Do you consider yourself a believer in the Law of Attraction? You may not know it as that but how about I ask a few simple questions to see where you land? Ok, here we go:

  • Do you believe in the power of affirmation and have been writing positive affirmations on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator and the garage door opener? ¬†
  • Do you make a vision board every year wishing for the best but seeing no results?
  • Are you caught up in asking the universe for your twin flame/soul mate?
  • Do you see where I am going with this? ūüôā

If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, then chances are you have been exposed to the Law of Attraction! The Law of Attraction simply states that we attract to us what we want, i.e- Energy begets energy.

We are such wonderful, complete emotional beings that have come back to earth with the inherent need to feel all sorts of different emotions. Because of this, we live our lives in the duality that exist between our hearts and our mind.  

How does this duality come about? Our minds will continually ask for something over and over again but our heart will negate the request. Why would the mind do this?  Sometimes we are just trying to keep up with the Joneses, other times we feel we deserve it or we simply believe this will make everything better and right in our world.

In reality we have not gone into our heart space to see what we really want, desire and feel we can obtain.

Because of this duality, conflict arises within our being. And how do we deal with conflict? The majority of us go through life sweeping everything under the rug because we do not want to deal with it or sometimes we just do not have the emotional intelligence to understand what is happening.

This ‚Äústuff‚ÄĚ continues to grow and eventually all our thoughts and actions become governed by it. We soon find that we are reacting to our past and not what is in our present. This leads us to feel like no matter what we do, we keep getting the same outcome. Then in the middle of all this confusion and mayhem within ourselves, life throws people into the mix to weigh in on your dilemma. People will tell us to look for the lesson in all the drama but how can you when you don‚Äôt even understand what is happening?

There are lessons in everything and you can discover them for yourself. Before you start delving into the spiritual side of life, you need to define your reality. If you change your thoughts you will eventually change your mind and there you go, you will change your reality. Perception=Reality.

Take those rose colored glasses off! Wake up and understand that your perception is forming your reality. We see it every day when people differ on what they see. I see a shirt and say it is orange and my friends might say it is peach. Perception differs from person to person.

Your perception is based off of everything you have learned and experienced from your  past until now. So, then your next question should be…..How do we move past our perception and create a better reality for ourselves?

You start with first understanding that perception like ego is here to serve us and keep us safe in the world. Your judgments, your beliefs and your stubbornness to change is rooted in fear. Fear actually serves a purpose for many people. It keeps them safe. Safe in this instance= Alive.

Fear of gain is stronger than the fear of loss and what I mean by that is the thing which is familiar is stronger and more acceptable than what is unfamiliar.  Familiarity will hold us in our perception to make the same choices over and over again. You don’t date the same bad boy over and over again because you enjoy it. No! You date him because you know him.

Everything in life comes down to vibrations…don‚Äôt want to take my word for it? Ask the scientists! Einstein led the cause and the rest of them supported that all of the world is energy and we attract to ourselves what our vibration is. What you need to know is that the vibrations sent out from your heart is stronger and more potent than the vibrations sent out by your mind. Ahhh. ¬†

As you think in your heart so you exist. You may think you need a six figure salary but if you feel in your heart like you don’t deserve that money, then you will never achieve it.

So if you want to do the affirmations, go ahead and do them. What you are doing is impressing your thoughts ‚Üí to impress your consciousness ‚Üí to impress your subconsciousness ‚Üí to reach your super consciousness which is another way of saying your soul level or your heart.

Everything that you have not dealt with emotionally lies in your heart.  You must go back and do the heart work to uncover your truth, accept, understand and cherish yourself for how you helped yourself through the good times and the bad before you can really start to find your life purpose.

If you do this work, you will find what really makes you tick and you will discover who you really are. How did it all start?  Where did the drama come from? We need to go into ourselves before we try to work with things like the Law of Attraction because we need to know what is really in our hearts or else we will get spotty at best results.

If you need help with the self-work, that‚Äôs what I love to do and why I chose my career! At Lotus Wellness Center I see clients for my five week plan called Your Path, Your Journey‚ĄĘ. Over the course of five weeks we meet for one 90 minute session each week where we discuss your goals and the challenges blocking you from reaching your desired potential. Each session includes life coaching, theta healing, Access Consciousness¬ģ and Reiki. You can always contact me for more information on (703) 966-6878 or

The mind is a tricky thing, it can make or break your existence. Go into your heart and discover what you really want. The heart holds the answers for a successful life.



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