Lotus Retreats & Workshops

We take our spiritual path and development seriously at Lotus! Sometimes it is enough to get a service, a reading or attend a class. Sometimes you need something more. This is where our retreats come in!

Join us on one or all of our amazing spiritual retreats set up for the year! Click the link to find out more information and to RSVP. That simple!

Why go on a Retreat with Us:

  • Learn new things and aid your spiritual development
  • Take a break from hectic life and work!
  • Travel and visit some beautiful places and Relax!
  • Be in community with like minded people focused on having fun, laughter, joy and happiness!
  • You don’t have to travel alone!
  • Enjoy a vacation with a spiritual theme!



Living the Awakened Life Retreat 

October 4th-6th 2019

More Information: http://bit.ly/theawakenedliferetreat

Join Rob and Uma for an enlightening weekend at a retreat center near Charlotesville, VA filled with eye opening workshops, yoga, meditation, peace and serenity!

This retreat is based off of the concepts mentioned in Uma’s book, “The Awakened Life”.

Join Rob, the owner of The Healing Frequency and Uma, the owner of Lotus Wellness Center for a weekend of love, inspiration, rest and relaxation.

Sometimes you need to tune out from life and responsibilities and tune in to your Soul needs. We are creating space for that among like minded company.

Join this intimate gathering of 40 blessed souls as we relax, rejuvenate and recharge over the weekend and come back ready to handle our responsibilities and get ready for the holiday season!

Weekend Program:

4pm-6pm: Registration/Check in 
6pm-7pm: Dinner
7.30pm-9pm: Talk on Living the Awakened Life & Book Signing with Uma

7am-8am: Yoga Class
8am-9am: Breakfast
9am-9.30am: Guided Meditation with Rob
9.45am-11.30am: Workshop with Rob: Addressing the Duality Within
11.30am-1.30pm: Lunch & Free Time
1.30pm-3.00pm: Workshop with Uma: Finding My Voice to RISE
3pm-5pm: Free Time
5pm-6pm: Workshop with Uma: Clearings on Money, Love & Health
6pm-7pm: Dinner
7.30pm-9pm: Bonfire and Drum Circle

7am-8am: Yoga Class 
8am-9am: Breakfast
9am-9.30am: Guided Meditation with Rob
9.45am-11.15am: Workshop with Rob: Self-Heal to Success
11.30am-1.30pm: Lunch & Free Time
1.30pm-2.30pm: Workshop with Uma: Creating RIGHT Relationships
2.30pm-3.00pm: Circle Time, Photos and End of Program

COST: $645/person
Cost includes all materials, workshops, classes, yoga, meditation and fire/drum circle. Accommodations include all meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch and a private room with single bed/shared bath.

*PLEASE NOTE: we are honored to be invited to stay at this Buddhist retreat center. It has NEVER been open to the public, we are the first group to visit! The accommodations are simple, clean and efficient. If you desire more comfort, please feel free to bring your pillows, comforters and whatever else you need!

Registration Fee after July 31st 2019: $777/person

*Payment Plans available with $30 financing charge as follows:
$255 NON REFUNDABLE deposit due at sign up
$140 payment due (3 payments total)

We only have 30 single bedrooms available. Sign up NOW and contact me to work out your payment plan!

Register Now! http://bit.ly/theawakenedliferetreat