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How Hypnosis Works for You

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HI there, Uma here and today’s blog is on the wonderful modality of hypnosis. Of course this comes as no surprise! I just recently became a certified Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the leading organization of Hypnotists in the United States.

It was an amazing 100 hour certification course I took through Tim Horn of Hypnoconsult LLC and I am very excited to work with clients in this new and healing career.

Why Hypnosis?

The belief in hypnosis is that the subconscious mind delegates your day to day activity without you even noticing. This is the place of habits and thought patterns. While your conscious mind is focused on your tasks at hand (I have to do laundry, buy groceries etc…), the subconscious mind is running a tele novela in the background.

“God I look fat in these jeans.” 

“I am not hungry but I really want to eat that piece of chocolate cake. Ok I can, I deserve it.”

“Look at him over there with that smug look on his face. I don’t know him but I already don’t like him.”

Sounds familiar? We have thoughts and these thoughts that are judgmental and opinionated come from that subconscious realm deep inside of us and most times without us even paying attention to them.

Usually it is not a big deal to be on auto pilot and go through your day with your little chatterbox inside your head, BUT what if that chatterbox was feeding you lines like above? This will affect you from achieving and staying in a place of peace, compassion and understanding.

So hypnosis works to get to the underlying issues of our thoughts. The understanding is if we can change the thought pattern then that will change the belief which changes the attitude that then changes the behavior. Looks a little something like this:

Thoughts –> Beliefs –> Attitudes –> Behavior.

And this is ultimately what we want, behavior modification. If we can develop new, healthy behaviors, all of life opens up to us with ease and joy.

How does Hypnosis work?

Easy! The first step is to contact a certified hypnotist (like myself) and detail what your issues/situation is. The first phone call or meeting is the longest one as we go over what you are currently struggling with as well as what you want to see and achieve after hypnosis.

After we determine your goals and outcome, you sit or lay comfortably and I begin to take you through a series of progressive relaxation techniques to achieve mental and physical relaxation. Once that is achieved we then “talk” with the subconscious mind.

Sessions can be of two types. A client can either choose to not communicate and let me do all the talking for them or it can be interactive where the person communicates while in a deeply relaxed state of focused concentration. This is where the healing begins.

After the work has been done, I emerge you and bring you back to a state of alertness and you feel amazing! Full of energy and vitality and definitely lighter as a result of all the releasing you have done.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Absolutely. There are only three requirements to be hypnotized:

  1. An IQ over 70. You must be reasonably sensible and able to understand what I am saying to you.
  2. Have an ability to follow suggestions.
  3. Have a willingness to want to change

In the short course of my life as a hypnotist, I have met several people who say to me they cannot be hypnotized. That’s a false statement. The real statement they should be making (and I tell them this and they all agree) is I choose not to be hypnotized because the issue is still serving me in some way OR I did not trust the person I was with and therefore did not allow myself to fully relax.

As a hypnotherapist, I rule out these three requirements in our first talk. I do suggestibility testing to see how you respond to suggestions and I pick your brain a little to see if you really are ready for change and want to overcome this issue you are dealing with. If I feel unsure in any way with the way you respond, I will and do politely refer you to my teacher Tim Horn because I feel he will be able to help you where you are at.

How Many Sessions do I need?

As many as it takes to sink it in. Hypnosis follows the rules of compounding which simply means the first thing is hammered in after repetition of several other things. So for instance for someone who wants to quit smoking, in the first session we place in the subconscious mind positive behavior changes. Thats the first suggestion, we repeat it several times both in that first session and follow up sessions so the first statement becomes a new truth, a new way of life easily and naturally.

Typically my clients (the ones I have worked on so far) have seen amazing results just after the first session so there is the option to book one session with me. However, in understanding human behavior and how the mind works, I feel more comfortable offering my clients a three session package. This way we address several different things and we continually reinforce the positive behavior you want to achieve.

What can hypnosis help me with:

A variety of things! Hypnosis can be used for any limiting, restraining belief holding you back. At this time I am only seeing clients for the following needs:

  1. Stress Release- relieving fear, worry, stress and anxiety either in general or for a specific event
  2. Weight Management- establishing healthy eating and lifestyle goals
  3. Smoking Cessation- to completely quit the habit of cigarette smoking
  4. Sleep Enhancement- to create a better sleep habit and reinforce positive association with sleep

If you need hypnosis for grief/bereavement/emotional upset or pain management I would gladly refer you to Rob Pritchard who also took the hypnosis training with me. Rob is a great listener and communicator in all things psychological and in addition to being a wonderful hypnotist he has a college background in psychology. He lives to help clients on an emotional level!

How much does it cost:

Hypnosis services is an expense. Why? Because the hypnotist understand the issue you are dealing with is not just behavioral, it is mental too. It is human nature to tie in importance to things we have to work for. Case in point, when I started Lotus Wellness from my basement, classes were free and hardly anyone came. Now that I am in a studio and charging, my classes are always full.

It is human nature to associate cost with benefit. If you want to lose weight and you have free options to do it with (go walking outside) you choose instead the paid option (gym memberships) because you need to associate in your mind the benefit of what you are doing as it equates to the success.

Don’t worry though! As much as we understand this, we don’t break your bank about it. Like all my classes and services, there is a cost, and this cost is an indirect contract you make with me that you are willing and ready to commit to seeing this through for your success.

Like I said before you can come in for one session or a package of three. One session will be $200 and it will take about 90 minutes-2 hours. If you do three sessions it will be $300 for the three and each session will last about an hour, with the first session being the longest. The three session package also allows time for me to give you homework and also teach you how to do self hypnosis so you can continue to enjoy the wonderful benefits of hypnosis as a life long change.

So what do you think? Is Hypnosis for you? Of course it is! Call me today and let’s set you up with your appointments. For the three package option, we meet once a week for the next three weeks. As always the sessions will be successful. Why? Because you and I committed to that end result.

Don’t delay, call today and let’s get you out of your mind and back into life!

Love and light and until next time,

xo Uma

Work (703) 369-6762

Cell (540) 359-5090


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How to make the most out of your Massage

Relax with a refreshing massage today!

Relax with a refreshing massage today!


Have you ever received a massage and left feeling….let down?

You know what I mean. You are a busy person, you work all the time and the day comes when the stress is unbearable. You feel pain in your body (mostly the back or shoulders) and no matter what home remedies you do, it can’t be healed. If you are like most people, you tend to suffer through the pain, praying and hoping it goes away on its own. But, we all know how this goes…it doesn’t and then without any other options you left, you finally decide to make an appointment for a massage.

Now you don’t have a regular therapist you go to and you figure any massage will do, right? So you look online and find the therapist that is within your budget and time restraints and make your appointment. You think nothing more of it until the day of your appointment and there is a little glimmer of excitement as you walk up to the therapist’s office. NOW you get excited! The idea that for one hour you can relax, do nothing and have someone else take care of you…the idea finally hits home and the anticipation and excitement arises. Finally, you get some TLC.

But invariably it happens. All that excitement was in vain because you walk out of the studio feeling blah. Sometimes even feeling worse than you did before. WHY? How is this even possible? A massage is suppose to make you feel great right?

Most times they do but sometimes, just sometimes, the experience leaves you with a bland taste in your mouth. STOP! Don’t sign off on massages just yet. Read on to discover why you might have had a bad experience and how you can change it in the future to have an awesome experience!

The Key Steps to Receiving a Great Massage:

1) Do your Home work:

Massage therapists are a dime a dozen right now. It is very easy to go to school and get a certificate to work on others in the massage therapy field. I don’t want to “dump” on my fellow therapists because there is no basis to make a general statement. Most of the therapists I have met are truly wonderful, gifted, caring, loving people that sincerely want to help you. They care about your pain and discomfort and want to be part of the healing process. HOWEVER, I would be lying if I told you that every therapist I met is like that. There are a few bad apples in the bunch, be it for whatever reason (not interested in the work, underpaid and angry, tired and frustrated etc…) and they do NOT have your best interest at heart. They show up, clock in and get the work done with no regards to your precious body or energy.

When looking for a therapist, read the reviews and check out social media sites that they are listed on. I am listed on Thumbtack and that’s where I get many clients from but I love the reviews on Thumbtack because it is not solicited from me. Many times I am surprised to go on there and read a review a recent client for me. It is legit and lets future clients know what they can expect from a session and what I am good at.

The best bet in choosing a therapist is finding one that someone from your inner circle uses. If you have a friend or family member that consistently go to the same person, try booking with them! They clearly are doing a good job and have won the favor of your peeps, so that would be a good place to start.

2) Communication is Key

Many times I give a FANTASTIC massage or service but there are a few times, I miss the mark. Why? Because my client does not communicate to me what they need. Hey, its a relationship we are having for the one hour…I can’t read your mind (or can I? =0) so you need to tell me what you need from this session. It doesn’t have to be complex, (“I need you to work my rotator cuff and stretch my sternocleidomastoid)”. Something simple and to the point works best such as, “I am feeling stressed from work, I would like to relax during this session” or “I have a lot of tension in my neck and back, I usually like relaxing massages but can you add a little pressure in those areas.”

Even the best of the best can fall short if they do not know what you want out of the session. Remember it is your session and you get to direct how it goes. During the initial consultation your therapist should ask what you want done or it should be on the intake form for you to fill out. If neither of these choices present itself, SPEAK UP! Before the therapist leaves the room, let them know what you want done, what you want to focus on and stay away from! It will add to the greatness of your session and therefore make you feel even better after its done.

3) Find a therapist that also does Energy Work

I personally love this point because it is what I do! My own massage therapist is a Reiki healer and I can feel the love and energy flowing from her hands when I get my massages. I call her sessions, “Soul Healing” because I feel she is working on my physical body, my mind, my emotions and my spiritual body as well. When you receive a session from a therapist who also dabbles in energy work, their hands will automatically “turn on” when they work on you and this is an extra benefit that comes free with your session!

Now of course I am biased in making this point because I am an energy worker but the more I have learned in this field, the more I realize that problems existing on the body start first in your energy. Why work the plant when you can go straight to the root cause of the problems? Receiving energy work adds to the session because it heals from below the surface. Not only will your pain go away but also too the emotions and feelings associated with it.

4) Open Up and Allow yourself to Heal

Now we turn the table on you! Getting a great session isn’t just the responsibility of the therapist, you absolutely play a role! Yes I am responsible as your therapist to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. I will provide a safe and warm environment, beautiful room, clean linens, relaxing music and scented lotion to enhance your experience. I will apply my school trained expertise and intuition to the massage and bring about healing as much as I can. However, I cant do squat if you refuse to be part of the process.

Most times you don’t intend to fight me or the massage; I usually get the nervous person who is afraid to undress, or afraid to be touched so that plays a role in your comfort level. I also get clients who are body conscious and apologize for not waxing/shaving legs or washing hair. Relax, as a therapist I have seen it all in my room. Trust me when I say you probably will not bring anything I have not seen already. Put all those worries to the side and focus on what brought you into my studio in the first place; the need to receive healing and relaxation.

When you lie on the table, try to clear your mind by focusing on your breathing. Take deep breaths in and out and allow your mind and body to relax. Notice the surroundings and enjoy the beauty of the environment. Enjoy the smells, sights and sounds…this is becoming tantric in that you indulge the senses and in doing so, you allow the body to fully relax.

As your therapist touches you, allow yourself to sink into the table and be worked on. Most people are afraid to fall asleep, like they will “miss something” but that is not true. Your body and mind will be healed regardless if you are awake or not, just allow yourself to go and float into oblivion!


These are just a few tips but they are important. You can receive immense healing and a relaxing service if you follow them through. We live in a world full of stress and strife, when you allow yourself to relax and completely give of yourself to the session, you come out the winner.

As a therapist, I understandably will encourage you to receive frequent healing sessions. One session a year will not work through your physical/mental/emotional issues. The clients that heal the most are the ones that commit to a regular routine of self care. Just today I worked on a client who use to be sporadic in receiving massages but finally committed to a once a week deal. He loves it! He cant stop raving about how his insomnia issues have improved, he feels better during the day, has more energy and feels more peaceful. I am telling you, I don’t make this stuff up! 🙂

So wherever you are today in the world, follow my four step plan and book your next massage today. If you are in the Virginia area, I would love to work on you! You can make an appointment on my website or just shoot me an email at

Good luck and happy celebrating the joy of being YOU!


love and light,






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