Client Testimonials

Our clients and students are very happy with our services and classes here at Lotus Wellness Center. We listen to their requests and respond accordingly. Many of the classes and services offered are based on client suggestions of what they wanted to see and experience in their town of Manassas.

Read on to hear about their experiences!

“I recently went to another therapist to get a massage because you were booked up for the week. I needed some kind of healing as I have been in a weird place lately. I enjoyed my massage but if I am completely, completely honest- you give the best massages ever. She’s great but you are better. I know your goal is to get away from massage but you have left some very big shoes my good lady!”- C.R

“I had a decent night of sleep last night! I am positive the Reiki and Reflexology I received yesterday was most of the reason why. Thank you! If you live in the DC area, I highly suggest treatments of any kind from her!” -M.S

“This was my first experience getting a reading with Uma. Wow! Uma was warm, genuine and eager. She explained what she saw/ felt/ read and how that correlated to my life with great kindness and concern. It was a wonderful experience. At the end of our time, she asked about my husband who passed 5 years prior. Uma came right out and said he had passed from a pulmonary embolism. I was stunned, that exactly what was written on the death certificate. She certainly has a gift”-P.R

“I had to write to you quickly about what happened today…and forgive me if this makes no sense. Last weekend I had no specific intention of buying your book evidently it was Spirit making the decision for me. I got a chance to read it today and absolutely FLEW through it. I had to stop at one point because I was crying. I completely THANK YOU for the message that Spirit obviously wanted me to hear and for being so consistently kind and supportive. And I am forever grateful to you for your continued guidance. And your book is wonderful. -J.C

Mediumship Phone Reading rocked!

Hi Uma! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. This has honestly been life changing. I spoke with my mom after our session and she also confirmed what you said. Especially the things I would say and do as a child. Needless to say, she is very impressed and may be contacting you for a session for herself!:)
My family and I wanted to thank you for sharing your gift with us. I may have been the one talking to you but, what you were able to do for me touched each member of my family. Thank you Uma. You and your gifts are truly a blessing.

-7/18/16 Mindy G., Oklahoma

Mindy G.

Best Tarot Reading Ever!

Uma did a card reading for me and said February I am setting up for a relationship, March is great news at work and deepening of the relationship and April is very good in the relationship. I just wanted to say thank you! I met someone in February and just TODAY in March my boss offered me a full time job from my part time position. I am so excited!

-Carole V. 3/3/2016

Carole V.

Reiki with a Master Healer!

My first Reiki experience was awesome. Uma was very caring and she explained the process thoroughly. Thank you so much! Namaste!"

-James W.

James W

My experience with Uma was very amazing and spiritual.

"My experience with Uma was very amazing and spiritual. She helped me unblocked a lot of energy blocks that have been hurting my spirit and my health. Its a wonderful feeling."

Candice W.

Uma is a genuine healer.

"Uma is a genuine healer. Her natural touch is soothing and calming. Thank you Uma for what you do."

Kenyetta C.J

I happened to see Uma for a quick reflexology session

"I happened to see Uma for a quick reflexology session even though I knew nothing about it. It was awesome and she is very spiritually connected even amidst a busy crowd at a gym!"

S. McKenzie

I had the most amazing reflexology experience with Uma

"I had the most amazing reflexology experience with Uma. I felt destressed after and I will certainly be coming back for more."

Joycelyn B.

But with Uma, I felt as if she was affecting my body

"I've had reiki sessions before that were good and I felt the energy moving within me, but with Uma, I felt as if she was affecting my body and soul with her powerful energy. After our session, my communication skills became better and I was able to speak my mind and have confidence behind my words."

Veronica M.

My experience with Uma was wonderful and enriching.

"My experience with Uma was wonderful and enriching. It is difficult to find someone with a special gift of healing and touch as well as someone who listens to your needs. She has years of experience and really knows what she's doing."

Jennifer A.

I cannot tell you what a difference Uma has made in my life.

"I cannot tell you what a difference Uma has made in my life. With a combination of Massage, Reflexology and Reiki, she has helped me decrease my dependancy on muscle relaxers, and live a more positive life. I am more productive in my writing and have more confidence in my work. From our first session I knew that I had found the therapist who would help me. She cares about her clients and that comes through with each session"

Melissa S.

I had my first massage ever with Uma.

"I had my first massage ever with Uma. She really helped to relax my muscles and I felt so at peace afterwards, it lasted for a few days. I am so grateful for Uma and her healing hands. I could go on and on about the positive affect it has on have to experience it for yourself. You will not be disappointed! Uma really cares about you."

Deb T.

Uma is helping me to be one in spirit, body and mind

"During my first reflexology session, Uma asked if I had congestion. I said no I did not have any at that time. Would you believe a week later I came down with a cold? She is helping me to be one in spirit, body and mind and to let go of things I cannot control."

Joanne A.

"Thank you Uma for my daughter's distance healing session

"Thank you Uma for my daughter's distance healing session. She had a wonderful feeling while you worked and even though she is in the far country of Dubai. She was surprised too at how strong the Reiki came through during the session despite the distance.Thank you very much"

Sohair Awad

I had my first Reiki session with Uma

"I had my first Reiki session with Uma, and OMG, I have never felt so relaxed and at peace! I am looking forward to having more, as I suffer from chronic pain, and am hoping to learn Reiki soon! Thank you Uma!"


Just had the most amazing massage....

Just had the most amazing massage, healing and intuitive reading tonight. I highly recommend Uma for your healing!.


"I am greatly appreciative."

Your intuitive reading was spot on. As I read my jaw dropped more and more each sentence. Without me telling you anything about me you have me exactly what it was that I was dealing with without the slightest error. Then confirmed my current place in the world and my future. I am greatly appreciative. I will give you a great big hug whenever I see you next. Thanks again!!! Peace love and happiness!!!