Guest Blog on Senior Health and Wellbeing by Jason Lewis

How Seniors Can Thrive by Taking Control of Your Health and Well-Being

by Jason Lewis

Who doesn’t want to know the secret to better aging? We all want to feel our best and live well in our senior years. The truth is that there isn’t a single “secret” to aging. Better aging depends on taking charge of your daily life with these simple habits for staying happier and healthier.

Prioritize Home Safety

Living well in your senior years starts with warding off illness and injury. Injuries often happen at home, many times due to falling. None of us want to think that we’re at risk, but it’s always a good idea to make your home safer. You can reduce falling risks by securing rugs, moving electrical cords from busy areas, and being cautious about spills or anywhere you could slip.

Even when you do everything right, injuries can still happen. One way to take precautions is with home safety technology. Devices like medical alert systems are especially good for anyone who has limited mobility because they give you the security of having help at hand. If you’re new to the world of safety technology, check out ConsumersAdvocate for helpful information about the best medical alert systems available. Having this sense of security will improve your everyday quality of life by helping you stay safe while living independently.

Eat for Health and Happiness

Most dietary tips focus on eating right to manage weight and prevent health conditions. This is certainly important, but what you eat affects you in so many more ways. For example, research now shows a correlation between gut health and your mood. If you don’t have digestive problems, you may not think about improving gut health, but what’s going on in your microbiome actually affects your overall wellness. To achieve emotional balance and good physical health, you may want to start eating more fermented foods and possibly consider a daily probiotic.

Besides eating for a positive mental outlook, we also need to eat well for our physical health. Our dietary needs change as we age, so we want to be intentional about getting the right nutrients. Science Daily reports on a research study that focused on the nutrients seniors need to maintain healthy muscles. They found that getting plenty of protein and vitamin D, along with limiting highly acidic foods, helps keep our muscles strong. You don’t need a complete diet overhaul to get these nutrients; instead, take small steps toward eating better.

Exercise for Fun and Fitness

It probably isn’t a surprise to hear that exercise is a key component to healthy living, but you may not know how much physical activity can improve your quality of life. According to Harvard Health Publishing, even basic exercises like walking can increase your mobility and reduce the risk of disability later in life. Maintaining your ability to do everyday tasks, not to mention the fun stuff in life, is one of the ways you can stay independent and remain happy.

Staying active in your senior years does so much more than promote physical health. Exercise gives your brain a boost too, which means it helps fight off memory loss and makes you feel happier. Aerobic exercise, which is anything that gets your heart rate up, is the best way to get this brain boost. Older adults also need strength training to protect muscles and bones.

Stay Social

All of these tips for healthy living can have a positive impact on your life, but if you tend to be lonely, your mental health will still suffer. Make a point of reaching out to friends or connecting with new people through your interests and hobbies.

It may seem scary to step outside of your comfort zone, but when you do and find people to connect with, the result is so rewarding. Make it your goal to try one new thing from this guide each day and see how great you feel! Chances are, you will see that taking charge of your health is the best way to thrive at any stage of life.

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Jason Lewis is passionate about helping seniors stay healthy and injury-free. He created StrongWell to share his tips on senior fitness.

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Venus Retrograde and what it means for You!

Okay, anybody that’s spent more than ten minutes studying astrology knows Venus represents the inner Female we all have in us, and it also describes our approach to romantic relationships. A little more work, and you’ll get to how her style changes depending on what sign the Lady happens to be occupying. Easy-peasy, yes? What about retrogrades, then?

The usual thumbnail description is that the energies of the planet become reversed, and things go haywire, but that’s a radical oversimplification of the occurrence, based on my 20-plus years of reading charts, and it also doesn’t take into account the fact that Lady Morningstar speaks louder to some of us than others.

Those of us born with Venus in its Rulership signs of Taurus or Libra, its Exalted sign of Pisces, and those born with her Debilitated in Scorpio or Aries all have a more elaborate and complicated a relationship with the Lady, (and in all honesty, I’ll admit to some bias here, I’ve got Venus in Taurus, so I’m a little biased) and so we should pay particular attention to when the Lady’s going Retrograde.

This particular Retrograde period, when the Lady’s looking to us as if she’s back in the mysterious and driven Scorpio, is complicated for everyone, since she’s looking like she’s in her Debility sign, so everyone’s looking around for hidden messages and complicated motives under every rock and fallen piece of detritus, but we’re all missing the completely obvious things right in front of us, or we’re seeing messages and signs where they don’t exist, it’s all just an illusion that we’re prone to falling into right now.

And just to make the whole thing even more fun, Mars is also in Scorpio right now, meaning that the inner Male voice is speaking from the same place, encouraging taking subtle actions, so we’re all putting out the subtext and trying to take in the subtext of others, but the wires are getting seriously crossed, so it’s probably not the best time of year to figure out whether your new love interest is trying to be subtle, and definitely not the right time to make emotion-driven decisions.

Best advice for this period? Try being LESS subtle, and instead of trying to intuit or guess at what messages everyone’s sending out in the field of romance, just go for the blunt approach and flat out ASK what the speaker’s saying, because metaphorically speaking we’re all trying to send out subtle hints and cues, but our ability to INTERPRET what’s being said to us is going seriously astray, and we’re reading too deeply into what we THINK we’re seeing and we’re inclined to operate on that interpretation instead of directly questioning the speaker’s intended message.

Positing Infinity, everything is possible.

Jason Knepper


Resident Astrologer at Lotus Wellness Center

Jason is the resident astrologer at Lotus Wellness Center but he also provides reiki, access bars, tarot readings and sigil drawings. To contact Jason and make an appointment with him, contact us at 703-369-6762.

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Who Cares About Your Homegirl?! The Beauty of Being Your Badass Self — By Lindsey

After I wrote my last piece about my experience connecting with my higher self, I was talking to my girls, and a damn good question came up.  Who cares? If I were someone else reading this, I for sure would be asking, “Why the hell does that even matter? Lindsey, for real, what the actual hell are you even talking about?”

You know what? Excellent question. I don’t know if it’ll help y’all if I explain my thought process, but here we go. Put your helmets on, kids. Tin foil hats also apply here.  Or bananas, apparently.

So, why should we even bother to connect to our higher selves?  Look at it this way: what if you had access to future you with a ton of knowledge and experience to provide you with guidance through your journey? Not only that, but to bring you back to home base and keep you locked within yourself? To help you keep true to yourself as you explore new adventures, people, places, things. Additionally, if you’re an Empath like myself, this means you are literally a sponge, and it is incredibly easy to be influenced by your environment. Coming back to your home base can always help you keep yourself aligned with what is for your best and highest good.

Coming out of a difficult situation, I will tell you that I was super reliant on my friends for support. However, the key there is support. They could not do the work for me; I had to do my own. In the end, as difficult as the decisions I had to make were, I was the only one that could make them, and it took a lot of work to get to the point to where I felt brave enough to make those decisions. Think about it-you may have a situation where you have all of the answers rooted in your being-but until you are ready to acknowledge said answers…they frankly don’t mean dick. This is where the hard work comes in. Here is where you get to be your own hero, and put yourself first. Is it hard? YES. Is it the most liberating feeling in the world? Also yes.

As we continue along our journeys, learn new things, meet new people, the single most connection that needs to be constantly nurtured is the one with ourselves. After all, it is only you that knows your true desires. It is only you that can align yourself with things, experiences, and people that are for your best and highest good. It is only you that can do the hard work that is required to travel along the path that is meant to bring you nothing but the best. You are responsible for yourself, therefore, you should always nurture yourself first. Listen to yourself first.

Love yourself first, because that’s what badasses do.

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My Higher Self is My Homegirl by Lindsey

Have you ever been in a situation that you felt like you lost yourself, and don’t know how to make your way back? You know that person is just hanging around waiting for you to invite them back in..but how do you do it?

I recently had this conversation with myself. As I transition to a completely new phase, right now is *the* time I need that higher self to come in and tell me to get my shit together. When we love someone, but have to let them go, we discover a lot about ourselves. Or perhaps these were things we already knew, but weren’t ready to admit.  This is a time for learning and rediscovering yourself-to realize that perhaps some choices you made weren’t serving your best and highest good. Now is the time to make yourself a priority, and be ok with it. Not only just ok, but damn excited to welcome you back into your life again.

Loving someone isn’t giving up pieces of you to try to make that person happy, only to discover you’re rushing to find other pieces to fill in the void that is left. Loving someone isn’t the feeling of being able to predict the next explosion like clockwork. Loving someone isn’t finding happy moments fewer and farther between. Most of all, loving someone is not losing yourself in the process. I will admit, this is my current lesson. When I dulled myself down so much, I became unrecognizable to not only those around me, but most of all to myself. Looking in the mirror and wondering, ” WHO even are you? What the fuck happened? Can you make it back?” The constant state of heaviness and anxiety that results from wandering around questioning your whole purpose, and what would happen next. I decided it was time to put myself first, because I missed ME, and I wanted her to come back. This came with the recognition that she did not fit in my current situation. For the first time, I chose me. I put me first, and this meant that I had to let go of a situation that was no longer in alignment with me.

There were a few days that were particularly heavy and filled with passive aggressive comments and arguments. I was so tired, so I asked the Universe to intervene on my behalf. Standing outside, I looked up at the heavens, and said, “Please. I am asking you to intervene on my behalf. If I am supposed to stay where I am now, show me that. I do not have the strength to make this move on my own, so I am asking you to intervene on my behalf.” Now you may be saying, “Well, Lindsey..that’s a bit dramatic…and really, you had to go outside to talk to the Universe?” I will answer that by saying, something big and dramatic was needed to spark the change that was coming for me, so go big or go home. Also, I was outside because my dog had to pee. You can talk to the Universe from wherever you are, even while your dog pees.

After I went back inside, this is where the drama came in. A huge (and unrelated to the previous) fight ensued, and he was gone and moved out within 2 hours. TWO HOURS. Now if that isn’t a quick response time, I don’t know what is. Though my heart hurt, I knew this was the right thing for me, and for him. I want him to be able to find peace and happiness as well. So now what? This is where the work comes in, and holy shit, is it a lot of work. My first exercise was to write out a list of things I felt I was worthy of, and then to connect to my higher self and do it again. LAWD JESUS, is my higher self chatty! To pull my scattered pieces back in was so amazing and LIGHT, I felt me reconnecting with my true self right away. As I continue to work and heal, I feel more and more like my true self every day. New doors are opening for me, and most importantly, I feel like I have more value to my own self.

“Anything you want, really. You are worthy of trusting yourself and erasing self doubt. You shine here, and you need not dull yourself down any longer. You are safe. It is time for you to step back into being who the Universe knows you are-and who you know you are, too. You are worthy of stepping out without worry of judgment or harsh reaction. You have done your work, and now it is time to be at ease. Know everything you have ever dreamed of is coming to you, because you deserve it. You deserve it. You are worthy of every single beautiful experience you have ever longed for. The time has come to give yourself credit for you, and know you are worthy of this life and all the happiness and love it brings to you. Congratulations-you did it! You are loved-so very much. Know I have you-you are safe. Go forth and be every bit of light and love that you know you are.”

Words from my higher self. I saved me. I picked myself up. My heart chakra is on fire, and it is literally leading me around this life right now, and couldn’t have imagined a greater gift.

** If you are in the DMV area, Lindsey  will be sharing methods to connect to your higher self on a special Valentine’s Day class. Co-hosted with her astrological twin Niki (ha!), we will be working on methods to help you connect to your higher self, increase your vibration, and bring you into alignment with things that serve your best and highest good. For more information, check our meetup.

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Fear and Faith, You Can’t Have Both by Niki King

Sometimes you just jump off the proverbial cliff and hope to God that you grow wings along the way. Along this beautiful journey called life we all have choices that can shape our life. We all have the ability to choose the path laid out for us. Will you choose to do something like  open your heart up to someone after it’s been broken, choose to leave that career that you no longer enjoy or choose to be happy?


Now I know you’re thinking wait did she just say I have a choice to be happy. Yes, my friend being happy is your choice. You can choose how you see the situation, do you see it through the eyes of fear, depression and negativity or do you see it through faith, love and positivity.

As Sonia Sumar once told me “you can’t have both, faith and fear, you can only have one”. It can it be scary to think that you have all the power and the ability to choose the path you are on in life. When you are afraid you will always choose the easy way, the path that is the least scary. It’s easy to stay in a dead end relationship, stay closed off or stay in that job that is making you miserable because there is safety there but when you take that leap and have faith the most beautiful things come to you. Trust that little voice inside of you that says do it, I’ve got you, everything will be okay.

Recently, I was reminded that our life experiences can shape how we  choose and what we fear. Sometimes it can prevent us from having faith because we’ve tried so many times in the past to have something and it doesn’t work out. You’ve carried  years of hurt, fear, anger and resentment around with you and it has shaped how you see situations. It can prevent you from opening up, telling someone you care, forgiving the past hurts, releasing the old, starting a new relationship or rekindling an old flame. Don’t let your past have control of your today or your future.

Do not let fear control your life and your decisions. Unpack your luggage with your person, leave that relationship that’s draining you, find your tribe, quit the job, open that business and take that leap of faith. Know that everything always works out even in the darkest of days! You are a Divine being and God is always with you, let your light be your guide out of the dark!



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Endings and Beginnings — By Rae Roach

For a new beginning to happen there must be an ending. So, as I look at this New Year and the New Me that has emerged I feel the need to go back to the beginning of me for you to truly understand my journey, and with doing that I hope you find comfort in ‘my pain’ because you see some of your life in mine. Because from pain and chaos comes the greatest change. Some of us just go through more pain than others.

2017 ended the journey to me … 2018 is the beginning of the authentic me!

58 years .. it took me 58 years to finally come to terms with EVERYthing!! Some might say good grief or seriously Rae, WTH!!?? But every bad decision, wrong turn, failed relationship, another career change, financial ruin, life falling apart; etc, has lead me to ME. And for that I am forever grateful. I am grateful for ALL those that have been there throughout the good the bad and the ugly, whether you remained solid with me or dropped off along the way. Thank YOU!

We all have a back story. A friend of mine says, those are just the facts or your life, if you aren’t happy with it then re-write your story. Here’s my story .. I come from humble beginnings and at a very early age I knew I was different from my family. I, honestly, thought I must’ve been switched at birth and would dream of the day my ‘real’ family would come for me. I remember when I finally told my mom this; her reply was ‘so did I at times’. Please don’t get me wrong here as there is absolutely nothing wrong with my family, I just wanted more .. I wanted to experience the world .. I wanted acclaim .. I wanted status .. I wanted to be KNOWN!

By my mid-30s I felt I had reached my ‘goal’. I had arrived!!  Great career, dotting husband, 2 handsome intelligent boys, beautifully decorated home, cleaning service, exotic vacations, designer clothes, monthly massages manicure/pedicures, perfectly coiffed. I had arrived! Yet I found myself still searching.  Why? Why wasn’t I happy?

Because I wasn’t living my life’s purpose and worse still I had NO idea how to change my path.

Then my world crumbled around me. Due to a devastating divorce (financially, emotionally and spiritually) along with trying to raise my 2 young boys by myself, I came to realize I had ‘lost’ myself. I now know I was always lost but was able to emote a sense of self-assuredness and control, externally. I fooled everybody, myself included because internally, I was a mess! I continued to have this sense of foreboding that I was just drifting in this thing called life. Despite the fact I was SURE I had direction and a path to follow I would get bored and anxious with my life. I kept switching from career to career .. unsatisfied with serious doubts as to whether I had ever made the right decision or done the right thing. Then I reached rock bottom. But the beauty of being at the bottom is the only direction you can go is UP.

Through the help, guidance and assistance of Lotus Wellness Center and Empowered Women International and a myriad of great friends supporting me as I struggled I started rebuilding my spirit and soul and that’s when I discovered my purpose and passion, to give back and assist others in finding their true authentic self.  I truly believe I have a voice and a message that will help, guide, inspire and motivate other women (and men too!) to stay true to themselves while navigating the roadblocks life throws at us. And trust me these roadblocks and self-discovery can be extremely painful. I will tell here that there was many many times I wanted to give up, quit trying, and just wallow in my self-deprecating thoughts. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t, right??

I’ve heard that we, on this planet, are the only ones that deal with time. We live for the next day, year. 24 hours makes a day, 30 days a month, and so on .. we monitor our lives based on this concept. By the time you graduate High School, actually while you are a Junior, you should have already figured out what you want to do with the rest of your 50+ years. At 15 or 16 we should have a PLAN!! Really??!! And by 30 .. you should have your life figured out, living the dream or consider yourself a failure!!

Here’s my re-write:  I am learning to let the concept of time go and stop questioning the Divine Universe’s timeline for me.  Letting go and acceptance is a journey, a journey that continues each and every day. I have always believed in the holistic approach but it wasn’t until I began the journey of self-discovery to find myself, by first eliminating the negative energy around me and then by surrounding myself with women whose sole interest was to encourage, uplift, educate and empower did I realize who I really was.

One of my favorite quotes is by Lily Tomlin: “I always wanted to be someone, I just didn’t know who”. I felt that statement in the depths of my soul!! Now when I think of that quote it brings me such joy—why you ask, because I have finally figured out who .. ME!I encourage each of you to join me on the road to self-discovery, to begin your re-write and to learn and embrace what you were meant to achieve and learn in this lifetime. We all start with that 1st step; the key is to keep walking! The road can be quite treacherous but the rewards are more than worth it!


The journey continues …

I look forward to being a part of your journey.




Women Helping Women Retreats and Workshops – Owner

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2018-I Welcome You! by Rae Roach

2017 .. it’s over!! And it was a DOOZY for so many of my friends and acquaintances. For me it was one of the easier years. Don’t get me wrong, there were major challenges, major changes and major growth but because of the self-work I have been doing (years of I was able to handle it better than years prior. I can not go any farther without saying a very special thank you to those that went through it with me and are STILL by my side–I am grateful, humbled and in awe of each of you!! Truly not sure I could’ve made it without your support and love!

2018 .. If you are into numerology you will know this is an 11 Universal Year. (If you are not and want to know more please let me know–I LOVE numerology!!) When I realized this it hit me .. That is my Life Path 11/2. OMG this is MY year! With that knowledge I (easily) made the decision to forge my path, purpose and passion full-time. In the past this would have been extremely daunting, nerve wracking, with a big oh dose of WTH am I thinking!! Even as I sit here and write this I still feel none of those feelings. The knowledge that I AM worthy of the life I desire, I AM capable of achieving it, I DO have the knowledge though my experiences to impart on others, I CAN be helpful to those in need of guidance, I CAN and WILL be successful, I FOLLOW my gut instincts because I DO believe in my intuitive abilities. We ALL deserve the life you envision for yourself and YOU CAN achieve it.

In my self-work I have been studying many individuals in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. The ones I gravitate towards are Wayne Dyer, Don Miguel Ruiz, Sr and Jr, Don Jose Ruiz, Susan Jeffers, the teachings of Abraham Hicks and many more. Some of the things I have gleaned from these individuals were life-changing; feel the fear and do it anyway; stay in your vortex, you can’t solve the problem with the same mind that created it; you can only control to the tip of your finger; live authentically; don’t take things personal; your opinion of ME is none of MY business; give up your personal history and don’t die with the music still in you. These are just a few thoughts, or mantras, that I now live by; but, more importantly I have learned to embrace silence.

This weekend I attended a New Year—New You 2-day Workshop presented by Uma Alexandra Beepat, of Lotus Wellness Center, and Rob Pritchard, of The Healing Frequency. Among the many things we went over the one that resonated the most was the part about Fear. We were sitting in a circle and Uma asked us what fear was holding us back. I was at the end of the circle and as each participant talked about their individual fear(s) I felt a connection with each but had a serious revelation—I no longer felt the fear of them. Now, let me be completely honest here, just because I no longer felt the fear does NOT mean I no longer feel fearful. I do!! But what I realized was I no longer felt the crippling effect of fear.

You know what I’m referring to .. you can’t move or think or react rationally because the fear is palpable!!

This was a MAJOR breakthrough for me because I have constantly lived in fear; fear of the unknown, fear of what people thought of me, my decisions, the direction I truly wanted to go, fear that no one would accept me AS ME, and fear that I am unlovable. And that is just a few that come to mind!! How did these fears abate you might ask .. well as I mentioned above—YEARS of self-work. Let me tell you right here and right now …. IT WAS EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL! The driving force was to just get through it! And as I sit on the other side of through I can look back with clear eyes and see the craziness of it all! We all think we are protecting ourselves by staying in our ‘comfort zones’ or by ignoring the problem/situation or swallowing the pain, hurt, guilt, shame, regret—you name it. But in truth, I never understood how confining my comfort zone was until I finally stepped out of it.

I now stand in my POWER with the knowledge that this life is for the taking .. it is mine .. it is yours .. it is ALL of OURS to take. The Universe is there to deliver to each of us our desires, we just have to realize, accept and step into it. There is no competition – I am not taking from you and you are not taking from me!



Feel the Fear and DO it anyway!!

Seriously, what do you have to lose?

2018 brings with it massive change and I welcome it with the excitement of a child .. What else is possible??


As I embark on this chapter of my life I wanted to let you know exactly what I will be doing and it is my desire that should you need guidance, assistance, counsel you will seek me out. I have a tribe that is also available to and for you and I look forward to connecting with you, or connecting you with my Tribe, so you too can start your journey to YOU!



The journey continues …

Rae Roach





Women Helping Women Retreats and Workshops – Owner

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2017 in Review with Lindsey

Another year coming to an end. Better yet, a brand new year is about to begin. For some, that means going back to the gym (I should just go ahead and pencil myself in on that list). For others, perhaps other personal goals are being set now with hopes they last about a week into the new year.

For me, it’s about moving forward. I’ve overcome some pretty tough obstacles this year, and I’ve learned from all of them. So rather than looking at this last year as difficult, I choose to highlight the silver linings. For example:

-Perhaps it is not a no, but just a not yet.

-Yes, I can survive working for a sociopath, and it lead to my finding a great job near my home. With great people!

-Yes, I can find a way to laugh at boggling situations and circumstances.

-Yes, I can learn to be my own self and uphold my own boundaries, even if the person who pushes those boundaries is one dearest in my heart.

-Yes, I can teach in the community about ways to live your best life.

-Yes, I can use my education in energy healing to do just that; heal people.

-Yes, I can write a collaborative piece in a book about a trauma that lead to the darkest period of my life.

-Yes, I can learn to slow down a bit and take some time for myself.

-Yes, I can  start my own business AND be on the board in the leading wellness center in my area!

-Yes, I can  actually make decisions based on things that are good for me, rather than compromising because of fear that I may disappoint someone.

And yes, I can  keep going. Nevertheless, I persist.  Looking back at that small list, I see a huge amount of growth. All of that growth sparked from lessons, experiences, and decisions. So yes, while I will keep myself penciled in for the gym, I strive to continue with personal growth and knowledge.

How about you all? What things have you learned you CAN do this year? I’d love to hear your stories of strength and survival!

Until next time!

Lindsey Robinson

Lindsey Robinson is a Reiki master healer and Tuning Fork Therapy practitioner at Lotus Wellness Center. To book a session with Lindsey, email:

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Preparing for 2018-5 Tips for Welcoming the New Year


It is Sunday December 3rd and I am sitting in a hotel room in Scottsdale, AZ thinking about how crazy it is we are at the end of 2017. What a quick trip through!

I am thankful though. 2017 has been one of the more challenging years for many people (as according to Facebook!) including myself. Alot of public upsets, public and personal deaths, hospital stays and personal tragedies. Goodbye 2017, we are ready to be done!

What I absolutely love about endings, is that there is always a new beginning right around the corner. In this case, the promise of a new year and a chance to start fresh. It’s like wiping the slate clean and saying, “All right Spirit, let’s try this thing called Life again.”

Usually in December, I tend to be in a reflective mood. I recount all the happenings of the year and reread journals to get a sense of where I have been and what I have been through. It is getting closure by celebrating the wins and putting to rest one last time, the losses…because I never intend to take these losses into the New Year with me.

I thought this was a natural process for everyone but quickly discovered, it was not. At our last New Year New You retreat held in January this past year, Rob and I discovered that people rarely take time to journal and reflect on their experiences. Our students were so excited about their journaling experiences because it brought forward so many realizations and put everything they went through into perspective. It took the emotional charge off of their past hurts and pains and allowed them to sit in the silence of gratitude for the experiences. It was indeed eye opening for some.

The great thing about the end of this year is we also have a mercury retrograde period from December 3rd-December 21st. A Mercury retrograde period according to astrology, is a period when planet Mercury goes backwards in movement. Mercury being the resident planet of communication, logical thinking, technology and transportation means that in a retrograde period, you can almost always see signs of delays in travel, technology malfunction and communication issues arise. People with alot of Virgo and Gemini signs in their natal chart tend to be mostly affected as well. As depressing as it may sound, I have actually come to embrace the Mercury Retrograde periods. Because logic is at bay and emotions are in full swing, I tend to take this time to do some serious reflection and meditation. It is the perfect time for insights to be delivered AND received because psychically, we are more in a state of allowance.

As we slowly wind down the end of this year and get ready for the New Year, I encourage you to use the beautiful energy of this Mercury Retrograde to create closure for 2017 and fill hope for 2018. All of life is a process. We are never going, going, going all the time. Sometimes we need space to just Be, just Breathe and just sit awhile. Let this month be that time for you. I mean, all the planets are aligning for you to have this moment of stillness in time, why not take them up on their offer? 😉

Here are some ideas on how to properly use this energy to set yourself up energetically to be ready for 2018:


  1. Journal and Reflect on 2017. 

As quickly as 2017 came and went, it still happened and for most of us, there were some pivotal moments in time that took our breath away….for good or for bad reasons. Have you processed all of them completely? In my two day New Year New You Workshop, I coined Saturday as “Out with the Old” and Sunday as “In with the New”. On Saturday I take participants through this journaling exercise using a workbook where they answer questions about the year and it asks them to dig deep into understanding what all of it meant. You can do this at home too and create your own workbook according to your desire. It can be as simple as three questions:

  • What were my challenges this year?
  • What were my wins/accomplishments?
  • What did I learn?

The idea here is the have some sort of summary report on 2017 so going forward, when you look back, you can sum it up in one sentence. I saw a post on Instagram by a friend where she described her annual summaries as, “2016 I was the caterpillar, 2017 I was the cocoon and 2018 I will be the butterfly.”

Having an idea of each year gives meaning to your life and tells a story as you go along. You can see the intricacies of how all the painful and joyous moments worked together to create the fabric of your life story. For me, it is empowering. It gives life to the those joyous moments which sparkle like gold glitter in the air and it brings humbleness and gratitude for the painful moments that made me stronger. Everything has a purpose, and in journaling we find out what they are.

2. Declutter the Home 

In journaling and reflecting on 2017, you are in a way, energetically clearing up space in your mind, heart and body about events past. Why not physically clear out your physical surroundings as well?

There is an energetic link between our home where we live and our home in our minds. When we feel good at our physical abode, our energetic abode feels good too. Simply put, a clean home makes you feel relaxed mentally and emotionally.

Now is a good time to go through those drawers and throw out things you do not use or have not used in forever. Go through your filing cabinet and shred old documents you no longer need. I remember in cleaning out my office space in 2016, I found old test results from massage school in 2008! I assure you, I have no plans to retake the tests, so out it went with the trash!

Go through your closets and donate clothing and jackets in good condition to homeless shelters or organizations that can use them. This doesn’t have to be a solo event, make it fun for the whole family and treat everyone to a nice dinner after dropping off your items to a donation spot. OR get a jump start on your spring garage sales by rounding up and collecting all sellable items and storing it away in the basement or garage until Spring rolls around. Just remember to bring them out next year and sell or donate them then!

3. Financial Planning 

Most of us do not include any financial planning in our lives, living simply paycheck to paycheck. If this has been your agenda in the past, do not bring it into the future with you. Financial planning can take on many forms, from hiring a professional financial planner, to discussing ideas with your accountant to a much simpler plan like the ideas listed here:

  • Pay off Debts: Some debts you cannot pay off within three weeks (mortgages, school loans etc..) however some you can! If you owe loved ones money, pay them back. If you can pay off one of those three credit cards, then do so. The idea here, is that by paying off what you can, you energetically lift some of that heavy energy from you and you will feel it almost immediately. This is the energy you want to bring into 2018 with you, even if you can only do it for one person or one bill, it still makes an impact.
  • Set up a Savings plan: If you are not currently saving, start today. Life happens and it is nice to have money put aside for those unexpected issues that come up. Start small by putting away $25/week. If you consistently did that for each week in 2018, you can create a savings account at the end of the year with $1200 in it! The trick is not to spend that $1200 but allow it to sit there and then increase your amount in 2019 to $30/week so you can add another $1440 to your account. If you don’t spend any of it, you can have $2640 within two years!
  • Create more Income: If you are financially stable and happy then this step is not for you. However for most of us, we can do with some extra money so think ahead to 2018 about carving out some extra work. Take on a part time job, take a hobby you are really good at and create a work from home opportunity or look around your home and sell off items you no longer need or use but are in good shape. We have opportunities all around us to create more income, it just takes some time and effort to put them into practice to generate that income we can use.

4. Make Amends

As we go through life, we have disagreements and upsets with people in our community. Whether it is our inner circle or acquaintances, there are bound to be times of disruption and unrest. Let it go.

As you move into 2018, allow yourself to let go of the drama and heartache you went through this year with these people. If they really mean something to you, then reach out to them and apologize. Even if you don’t think you were in the wrong, apologize anyways. There is a great saying, “It is better to be kind than to be right.” When you apologize and make amends, what you are essentially saying to that person is, “I don’t care if I am wrong and you are right. I just care about having you in my life. Can we make up now? I miss you and want you in my life.”

Of course you cannot dictate how the other person will respond, but trust me when I say, it wouldn’t matter. At the core of your being, you are Love. And in extending an olive branch, you are acting out of Love. If they chose not to accept it, you will still feel relief because you know in your heart, you made the decision to reach out and there is nothing else you can do after that. You will feel lighter despite the outcome and that in of itself, is worth the exercise.

Now there are some relationships where the pain is still too great to bear. Maybe you are in the middle of a divorce and your partner is attacking you. Maybe you still work with your boss who is aggressive in interactions towards you and you are not in a position to leave. You might ask then, what do I do? These people are not interested in making amends or being peaceful. In situations where you feel the person will not be receptive or you are not in an emotional place to do such a thing, then let go energetically.

A simple technique is to light a candle and write your letter to that person saying everything you have ever wanted to say including the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Once you get it ALL out on paper, burn it and make the intention to God/Source/Universe or whoever it may be, that you are letting go of this situation and this person energetically and in the new year, you intend to see them with fresh eyes and hope they do the same for you. It really is like magic! When I have suggested these techniques to my clients in coaching sessions, they have reported back with some amazing results where the other person stopped attacking them and for one person, her boss got transferred to another department! Wishes DO come true!

5. Set your Intentions for the New Year 

A home cannot be built without a foundation. Many times in the Spiritual community, I hear students say something like “Spirit is directing me and I have no plan, I go where Spirit is taking me.” That is a great concept but even Spirit needs a map to your future!

If you are not as uptight as my Capricorn self and do not want to create bullet points and quarterly assessments about your new years resolutions (true story), then do a vision board. Cut out pictures that represent what you want for your life. If you want a new home, new car or to be in a love relationship, put pictures on your board that represent those ideals. A Vision Board is a fun way to set your Intent for the New Year and gives Spirit an idea of where you are heading and what you want to create.

I hope you found these tips useful and if so, please feel free to share with your loved ones or leave a comment! It is my sincere hope that everyone brings a peaceful end to 2017 and enter 2018 full of desires, well wishes and manifesting ability. I believe we all are truly meant to have it all, and with a little vision and planning, we can.

xo Uma

healer, psychic, spirit communciator

Owner of Lotus Wellness Center

Uma Alexandra Beepat is the owner of a metaphysical center in Manassas, VA where she teaches classes in Spiritual Development and offers services in energy healing, life coaching and intuitive readings. For more information, visit

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Essential Oils for Beginners


Essential oils have been around for centuries but only recently began a rise to fame with the onset of popular oil producing industries such as DoTerra and Young Living.

As a wellness advocate for DoTerra and a certified level I aromatherapist, I love sharing my knowledge and expertise with oils with my clients. It is my intent to do so now with this article, to bring awareness and education to the general public of the wonderful, therapeutic benefits of essential oils as well as answer some popular questions concerning my involvement with an oil company.

Let’s start at the beginning.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural, aromatic compounds extracted from seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of a plant. Essential oils contain natural and unique properties that can have powerful benefits on a person’s health and wellness.

How do you use essential oils?

There are three known methods for oil usage but one of them is debatable in the oils community. Let’s discuss each:

  1. Aromatic: This is the most popular use of oils. Smelling them! This is also the easiest and safest way to use oils. All you have to do is buy a diffuser, drop 1-2 drops (more and it is too strong for me) in the water and voila! Beautiful smells in your room and therapeutic as well.
  2. Topical: You can use essential oils topically which means applying them to your skin. There are two ways to do this (depending on the nature of the essential oil), neat or diluted. Diluted means these essential oils should be mixed with a carrier oil to prevent sensitivity for the wearer. A carrier oil is a lipid based substance use to dilute oils (common carrier oils are coconut or jojoba oil). Neat means an essential oil can be applied topically to the skin without dilution because this particular oil has mild chemistry.
  3. Internal: Essential oils that can be used internally by adding them to beverages, food, use essential oil supplements or adding them to veggie caps for consumption. This method is the most controversial in the oil community because some say it is dangerous and risky and some say it has been done throughout history and it is fine.

How do I include oils in my daily regime?

There are lots of ways to use oils! Here are a few of my personal favorite oils and methods in using them:

1. Lavender:

  • Can be used topically or aromatically to increase relaxation and reduce stress.
  • Add a few drops to your pillow or diffuse at night time for restful sleep.
  • Add a few drops to a bath to soak away stress and relax the body

2. Peppermint:

  • Can be used on temples and back of neck for headaches and relieve tension.
  • Add to shampoo or conditioner for a stimulating scalp massage.
  • My personal favorite is to add to my morning shake to add a pepperminty taste and alleviate stomach upset.

3. Lemon:

  • Add to a spray bottle of water to clean kitchen surfaces (works so well!).
  • Add to water to create alkaline water for consumption.
  • Use to remove gum, glue or any other sticky residues.

4. Melaleuca (Tea Tree):

  • Apply to facial cleanser or after shaving for added cleansing properties.
  • Good for cuts, infections or wound healing.
  • Use as an effective surface cleaner like lemon oil.

5. Frankincense:

  • Apply topically to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles!
  • Diffuse during meditation for relaxation and balance.
  • Take internally to support healthy cellular and immune function.


Bottom line is simple, there are many oils and many therapeutic benefits associated with each oil. You don’t need to figure it out yourself! This is where someone like me and my team come in. We take the necessary training and have the experience with each oil to share our information with you.

If you are in the Northern Virginia area, stop by one of our monthly Essential Oils 101 classes. You can find a calendar of our oil events here:

If you have been clicking on the links to each oil, you would have been taken to my website and seen the retail prices. My advice is simple, sign up for a membership and get the wholesale price for the oils. If you are interested in adding oils to your daily routines this is my recommendation:

  1. Contact me today to discuss your options and what products you would use for your goals.
  2. If you wanted to do it on your own without my help, check out the products on my website You can either sign up for a wholesale account (think Costco for oils! You pay $35 annual fee and can get the lower prices) or buy them retail.
  3. Whichever option you go with, my suggestion is to get the Home Essentials Starter Kit. If you worked out the pricing for the 10 oils, free gift, diffuser and an annual enrollment fee, it works out to be an inexpensive option!

I have felt so empowered following the oil track and being able to take care of myself and loved ones. And that to me, is the greatest gift I can give myself.

Love and light until next time,

Uma xo




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