The trouble with Psychics

Well there really is no crime in seeing a psychic. I mean we all do it or at least have thought about doing it right? Come on guys, don’t leave me hanging out here!

The thing is, alot of my friends are actually psychic and clairvoyant. I myself have some ability, though not as accurate as my intuitive guidance so I know it is real. It is very real and the messages my inner circle and I have lovingly shared with each other over the years, have definitely been helpful in alot of situations.

So with all this positive feedback, why am I writing a blog on the “trouble with Psychics”?  is probably what you are thinking right now, right? Right? 🙂
I am speaking of a time in my life when I relied heavily on psychics. It was just after my divorce came through and I was feeling vulnerable and afraid. As much healing as I provide to others, I couldn’t seem to give myself the same love. My whole life I have been intuitive and led by Spirit messages but at this time, I was in a dark place and my vibrations were not on the same level to receive the messages. I felt alone, very alone and afraid.

I turned to psychics first to hear the message that I would be ok. I knew deep down I would, but I needed validation from someone else that would be the conclusion. Well, I got it and I got it with other things. I got glimpses of my future that was going to be prosperous and abundant in love, wealth and happiness. I was filled with joy! Not only was I going to get through this dark period but I also was going to have great things coming my way as well! Who knew?!

The problem came with these revelations. I became anxious and restless. It’s like I used the reading as a map and when I reached a turn, I expected to know the next turn in real life. I became addicted and ran up my credit card and ran down my self-esteem. I no longer could envision my life.

I stopped seeing pyschics when that reality hit me….that I was no longer living my life but waiting on instructions on what was to come into my life. If I met a nice guy, I wouldn’t date him because his name didn’t start with M. I lay depressed for weeks because according to another reading, my “time to shine” was not for another six months.

The thing with psychic readings is simply this: they take the fun and mystery out of life. Before readings, I had an open heart and open third eye to see the world as a place of possibilities. If things went wrong, I would look for the silver lining or laugh it off as part of this maya, this illusion we called life. Before psychic readings, I was creative. I manifested my destiny and my will determined my path to succeed. I didn’t know “NO” and I didn’t care for “Not In Your Chart”. I was full of life and maybe it was my confidence and positivity that led to my abudance, who knows, but I was complete.

So my advice to you dear reader, is as always; trust yourself. If you cannot see the path through the trees, maybe its because you are not meant to see it. Maybe at this time, in your time of struggle or fog, you are meant just to sit with it and allow it to impact you. The impacting is what will bring the insight and the insight always brings the wisdom and enlightenement.

Do I still get psychic readings? From time to time, though I haven’t had one in a year. I am not opposed to the readings at all, I just want the freedom to be creative in creating this life and manifesting my destiny as I see fit.

Until next time dear reader,

In love and light,

PS- Show the love! share your comments with me on this topic! xoxo

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