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"Spirit within me honors Spirit within you"
"Spirit within me honors Spirit within you"
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Lotus Wellness Center LLC is the spiritual hub in Manassas!

Welcome to Lotus Wellness Center! We offer a range of holistic metaphysical services, workshops and classes to meet the needs of everyone in the community. Whether you are new to your spiritual path or an advanced being, we have something for everyone. Come on in and check us out! We are glad to have you!

Owner of Lotus Wellness Center

I am the owner of Lotus Wellness Center and my work is based on the belief that holistic therapy is essential to your health and wellness and metaphysical education is essential to your spiritual growth.

It is my dream to create a beautiful, peaceful and aware community living in consciousness with each other…in harmony.

That focus is the cornerstone of Lotus Wellness Center. We definitely have a community vibe and focus on bringing people together whether through classes, events or meetups.

So come on in! Your journey doesn’t have to be a lonely one, we are here to support you!

xo Uma



What You can Expect:

  • Warm, friendly faces at your first meetup or personal sessions with our caring healers!
  • Immense healing and self discovery in personal sessions
  • Meet and make new friends with similar interests in spirituality and healing
  • Spiritual growth and knowledge from an amazing variety of classes
  • Opportunities to apprentice under Uma at Lotus Wellness Center
  • Rapid healing and the knowledge to do self healing for self or others.



DISCLAIMER: Information you receive from any sessions with Uma or the team Lotus practitioners is for personal or entertainment purposes only. It is NOT intended to replace any medical, legal, psychological, or other professional advice. Uma, the staff and Lotus Wellness Center will not be held responsible for decisions or actions made by anyone based upon services, consultations or communications received.  Clients are expected to be held responsible for the choices and actions they make.